Sunday, December 28, 2014

True writers use a typewriter?

Hey ya'll,
So I hear a lot about how hard it was for writers back then to use typewriters to put together their books. They say it is difficult to use a typewriter because once you mess up you have to start again since their is no delete button per say. Also, they're complaints that you're not a true writer unless you have had experience with a typewriter and felt what many writers have felt in the past when trying to put together their books or newspaper articles.

In my opinion, I feel their argument to be completely bogus. I believe that no matter what time you're in things do get better. And I feel people who used typewriters had it way easier than people who lived when typewriters didn't exist. Have we forgotten Mark Twain? All of his books were hand written and they are the most popular books out their like his novels Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn. All classic tales we read or run across sometime during our education.

So for "these" people to say that we have it easier today with computers you are most definitely right. However, people with typewriters also had it just as easy than the generations before them.
In my mind the type of writer you are doesn't matter about what you use to write your story, but rather the message you get through to others reading your story. 

As an author I seek to make my readers question their reading. I want them to experience almost every emotion there is whether it is joy, happiness, anger, frustration and even love—I want them to experience it all and at the end know that they read an amazing book.

So to all those doubters of the abilities of writers today I want you to reconsider. Writers today I feel if not better are just as good as writers in the past not due to our methodology, but because of how limitless we are when it comes to writing. We can write about anything we choose or imagine ;)

If you have something to say about what I just posted feel free to comment and let me know what you think? Until next time :)