Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Book Storage?

Hey ya'll,
I am probably that 90 percent of America that sticks there books any and everywhere they are able to go. They can be under my bed, in my dresser, stacked on my nightstand, or even hanging from my door. I know what you're thinking how can a book hang from my door. Well, I have this really neat door hanger that allows me to store cool, old, or unnecessary things that my closet has no room for, but for my books it is considered.... (Whispers) SACRED!!!! LOL

My door hanger is similar to this except I do not have a mirror though now that I am looking at this picture I really want one. Also, my hanger is filled with books, shoes, and a few miscellaneous objects within the pockets. However, overall my book hanger is just like this.

I feel that door hangers provide organization within any room and allows for a safe place to keep your books. If a flood occurs no need to worry about your books getting damaged because their high enough off the ground to not get wet or if you hate your paperback books having bent corners this door hanger could provide a safe storage.

Of course door hangers can be used for many other things besides books and they allow for you to "expand" your already extensive pile of "stuff". This is great for college students, new apartments, or even siblings who share a room that may need a little extra space.

Door hangers can be purchased at almost any store like Walmart and Kmart for whatever color or style that may suit you best! They typically price between 7-13 dollars depending on what branding you may want :)

If you have a door hanger take a picture and send it to me or tell me what you use your door hanger for? Why do you need a door hanger? Do you believe it can sometimes be an inconvenience to have door hangers? Why? Comment and let me know what you think! Until next time :)