Saturday, February 21, 2015

Indie Authors are Hypocrites?

Hey ya'll,
So since I have started this publishing journey I realize that a lot of indie authors are very bitter towards more successful indie authors as far as the money aspect goes when publishing a book. And in my opinion I feel that it is insane for individuals to feel such hate for another due to them having success.

People who are unsuccessful in the indie business are so quick to criticize their successful peers on how they shouldn't be making a lot of money when the successful peers may just be doing something different than what you are doing. Which brings me to my next point!

Amazon is a great place to showcase your products and to sell them on, but your rank on their website does not depict what you amount to as an author. Your worth is greater than that!

So to those hypocrites, how can you be mad at their success when you won't even support other indie authors yet you will buy books from traditionally published novelists whose work is greatly overpriced and complain there is no love in the indie community (When there is!).

Some of the best books I have read are from indie authors and small pressed novelists. While some of the worst books I have read are from traditional publishers. Regardless, I feel you should support the community that supports you. Why should I advocate this other author who has made millions on books when I can advocate a friend or peer who needs the publicity? Think about it!

It's time for a change. Stop the hate and your success will come. Also, remember that everyone has their time! Yours may happen a week from today or a few months from today, you never know. Just keep your head up and keep going. In addition, sometimes books will sell faster if there are not a lot of books on the subject matter. Therefore, that person will have a jolt in sales due to the rarity of the content it contains.

Also, if you need some advertisement then advertise with me! Ad sense wants to make a deal with me to showcase content, but I am refusing to do that so I can support my fellow indie community. I only wish to see you succeed. Here's a link for the packages I have available:

Comment below if you have faced prejudice as an indie/small press author! Why were they mad at you? How did it make you feel? Or do you disagree with what I have to say? Let me know! I want to hear from you or if you just want to share some insight go ahead :) I'm all ears ;) Until Next Time ;*