Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Review #1: Destruction by Sharon Bayliss

Hey ya'll,
So this month I had the pleasure of reading Destruction by Sharon Bayliss courtesy of .
This book was everything I wanted and more. Sometimes when I read a book about magic it becomes overwhelming due to me trying to grasp their "secret" world, but in reading Destruction I had no problem whatsoever. I felt like Bayliss took great care in making sure we knew almost everything about the magical world in a timely fashion.

I enjoyed how this book had such realistic situations occurring and not just magical ones because it allowed for me as a reader to put myself in the character's shoes to see how I would handle the situations they were in. In addition, I appreciated how unique each character was. My favorite character would have to be Emmy Vandergraff and Rachel Colter. I really loved these two. Their personalities were so bodacious and lively that if you were read a sentence from Destruction you could tell if it came from them or not.

Emmy attracted me because of how gutsy she was and though she didn't curse much she literally had no filter when it came to speaking her mind. I really enjoyed how she took risks. Maybe not as much as her favorite brother Jude, but she was willing to risk it all and in some situations (Spoiler) that involved her life as well. Though her family kind of depict her as being a "mean" girl, in my eyes she was fierce and somebody you better not mess with! LOL

Rachel was the definition of old school without being old school. You can tell she had this class about herself and she always had pride in what she did whether it was bad or good. I hated she came in at the end and had such a small yet influential part, but you know what they say 'if you miss a character it means they were really amazing'. Rachel was such a treat and I hope to see more of her in the future novels of The December Peoples Series.

Sharon Bayliss has created such a very beautiful, realistic masterpiece. I craved and cringed for more as I continued to read her novel, Destruction. I was not disappointed at all with her novel, Destruction and I felt this was time in my life that was very well spent. I can't wait to read more and I hope you all will buy this book! It is amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on the second novel in the series.

RATING:  *****

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