Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Review #16: Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid

Hey ya'll,
So I was given the opportunity to review the novel, Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid and it was a very interesting read!

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As always I like to be completely honest when writing my reviews and this book was very different from the typical novels I am used to reading. I loved how this book made me feel as if I were in this dream state watching Annie's life with her mother, father, and friends. I enjoyed feeling like a passenger in her life due to the fact that this story quickly progresses with Annie's age to hone in on significant events and people that shaped Annie into the person that she is.

A character I enjoyed seeing Annie interact with would have to be the Red Girl. I took delight in seeing their chemistry together and how they played marbles with each other, a game her mother frowned upon. I feel like the Red Girl gave Annie a new corrupted leash on life. Seeing this dark side of Annie helped me understand why she was so drawn to death.

In this novel, Annie says that she can picture her mother in a coffin. I believe it has to do with the fact that her mother had detached Annie from her love. Also, it is suggested that because of this she refers to the big black ball as a symbol for her depression.

I feel Kincaid did an excellent job in the sense that she gave me a new way to be entrapped within a book. However, Annie was the definition of unbearable and it made me love her and hate her at the same time. I look forward to reading more stories by Kincaid and I hope that she continues to bring something new to the table.

Have you read this novel? What did you think? Tell me, I want to hear your thoughts!
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Rating: ****

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Book Review #15: Born of Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth

Hey ya'll,
So I just finished reading this heart-pounding novel called, Born of Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth and I was taken on the most intense adventure of my entire life.

Can I just say wow?! I loved this novel. Everyone is on the hunt for the man who took the magical absinthe that allows people to bring the dead back to life. This is the second installment of  the Treasure Chronicles and it has most definitely lived up to my high expectations despite one of my favorite characters Daniel not making an appearance. 

What I particularly enjoyed about this novel is getting a chance to see more of Amethyst. In Born of Treasure you get a chance to see this very privileged and irresponsible young woman turn into this brave heroine that makes all of us proud in the end, but what I like is that though she is a heroine in this installment you could see Amethyst retain her inappropriate yet charming personality.

And a lot of times I find that when reading the sequel to a novel that the author is not able to show a transitioned character that has an immense growth, but is still able to be individually unique to the audience. I give props to Elizabeth for being able to pull this off in such an incredible way that the reader doesn't feel like they have read a completely different series.

Another character I took liking to though he is a villain would have to be Captain Greenwood. This is the first villain I have seen that understands what persistence is and decides to implement that in his ever surging frustration to obtain the Treasure family. I enjoyed how in control he seemed. Captain Greenwood is ruthless and very bodacious in his plans of attack to "help" out his country. I won't spoil anything, but he definitely kept pushing me to read on.

Also, on a final note Mabel has finally made a full entrance into this series. I believe it's going to be very interesting to watch her and see how she reacts with this "new" Clark.  I feel like she's stuck in this fantasy that he is exactly how she left him as a child due to trauma caused by being Captain Greenwood's slave. And I wonder how Amethyst is going to be able to deal with this elementary crush. Will Amethyst be offended? Or will she be understanding of Mabel's psychological attachments? Who knows?

Rating: *****

Have you read this novel? Tell me, what did you think about this story?!
I can't wait to hear what you have to say :)
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blog Tour #1: Ryan's Legend & The Legend Returns by Author Lockard Young

The Legend Returns Excerpt

I opened my eyes and looked out over the mirror stillness of the water. Not a breath of a breeze disturbed the calmness of the bay. Just then, from the very edge of my vision, I saw the surface of the water break into a long ripple. I looked in the direction of the disturbance and saw the ever widening ripples on the water, expanding and looking like the rings on a freshly cut tree trunk. Something under the water had broken the calm surface. Perhaps it was a fish. Even as this fleeting thought went sailing through my mind, I knew it was not just a fish coming up for a tasty fly. The pattern and the length of the ripples looked hauntingly familiar.

My mind did a fast rewind to this past winter. I was down by the bay, standing on the shore next to a big rock. Willie was about fifteen feet out, just under the ice. We were talking away, and I must have said something out loud. My dad, who was standing behind me, spoke up and asked me how Willie was. I hadn’t heard him come up, and he scared me so much I nearly fell in. For a second there, I thought he had seen Willie out there, and then I remembered that he thought Willie was just an imaginary friend.

“Tell him I said hello,” Dad had said.

Willie said hello back, and then said that the big bass my dad had tried to catch last year was going to be on the lookout for him this year. I nearly blew the whole thing when I relayed this message to Dad.

“How in the world did you know about that, Ryan? You were at Aunt Cindy’s when I went on that fishing trip,” Dad said, scratching his head in wonder.
“I... uh... I guess Willie told me,” I said, thinking the whole secret would be out in just a few short seconds. But Dad just laughed, and let the whole thing drop.

I hated keeping secrets from my folks, even for such a noble reason.

Thinking about Willie brought my memory back to the day my best friend left on his long journey across the sea, and I saw him slip, for the last time, beneath the water’s surface. Staring into the centre of the large circle of ripples I whispered, “Willie.”

My name is Ryan, and this is the story of how I discovered a legend, 
and the biggest secret of my entire life! Just after Christmas, I saw these weird tracks in the snow, so I just had to check them out. You won’t believe what I found! 
Deep underground, in a hidden cavern, I met the best friend a guy could have. 
The coolest thing of all was we used real magic to talk. 
He told me all about his life, and why I had to keep his secret. I know keeping secrets from my family is wrong, but this is different. I just can’t have my parents or my annoying older brother figuring out what’s hidden in the old chicken coop. 
If anyone finds out about this legend, he might disappear from the world forever. 

“Everyone thought he was some kind of imaginary friend, but he was a lot more than that! 
In fact, he wasn’t imaginary at all, even though he was the stuff of legends.”

School is finally out for the summer, and Ryan is looking forward to long sunny days on the beach with his best friend Cory, and his old friend, Willie.What Ryan hadn’t anticipated was how difficult keeping Willie’s secret would be. Torn between doing what’s best for his old friend, and being honest with this friends and family, Ryan has to think fast. The world isn’t ready to know about Willie, but it might already be too late. 

Author Bio 

In 1995, Lockard Young started banging away at the computer, and before long he had completed five chapters of a book. Because the characters were named after his children, he thought it fitting to read the tale to them. Enthralled by the story, they demanded more and so Lockard wrote. The end result was a story entitled, Ryan’s Legend. A book was born, and so was a hobby. A plumber by trade, Lockard lives with his wife in the countryside of rural New Brunswick. In addition to a number of stories he has “in the works,” Lockard also has an impressive poetry collection, inspired by his trip to South Africa.

Learn more about the author:

Lockard Young

Lockard Young's Poetry

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5 Book Covers That Made Me Fall In Love Pt. 2

Hey ya'll,
So I have been reading some hot novels lately and the covers have been so awe-inspiring that I have to show them to you! These cover artists deserve a pat on the back for their unique creations of covers for books. Check it out :)

#5. Wolves Among Men By Penelope A. Sweet 

This cover is so awesome!
I like how this cover has a man's face next to a wolf's face as if they're one and the same.
Also, the mystifying moon only adds to my growing anticipation to see what this novel is about.
The cover artist for this novel did a great job!

#4.  Dom Wars By Lucian Bane

I personally hate seeing people on covers because I find it creepy. However, this cover is so sexy and deep that my hatred has turned to enjoyment.
 I love how his muscles are present and his head is down as if he has given up.
The whole essence of this cover is overall compelling!

#3. Shatter Me By Alex Grayson

I always love a cover that makes me question what the story can possibly be about. 
This cover makes me wonder is this girl sad, scared, or is she running away from something she doesn't want to face?
The element of fear and illumination of something ominous occurring sends shivers up my spine which is why I love this cover. 
This cover can bring a variety of emotions to different readers gaining attention from all directions.

#2. Watch Me Burn By Sharon Bayliss

First off this cover is so captivating! I love the dramatic edge the fire brings to not only the butterfly, but to the title as well. This cover almost looks real. It is as if this fire is never-ending—which is reminiscent of this amazing series. The cover artist did an awesome job!

#1. Forever Since An Apple By Ken Welsch

When I found out that Welsch did his own cover I was blown away because most of the best covers come from cover artists. I believe that because Welsch created his own cover it completely matched up with the overall aspect of his novel creating so much symbolism throughout his story.
 I love this cover because it is simply beautiful!

Have you read any of these novels? Do you agree or disagree with what I had to say? Or is there another book that should have made this list that I may have missed? Tell me! I want to hear what you have to say :)
Until Next Time ;)

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Book Review #14: Forever Since an Apple by Ken Welsch

Hey ya'll,
So I had the awesome opportunity to review the novel, Forever Since an Apple by Ken Welsch and it was such a fantastic story!

So I have read my fair share of books and this novel by far has been one of the greatest reads that I have ever picked up! What I really loved about this novel is that I felt like I was actually talking to the main character Daniel. 

Only a handful of books have made me feel this way including the novels, A Separate Peace by John Knowles and October Sky by Homer Hickam. There was something about the way that Welsch had wrote Daniel and his friend Eb that they made me feel included. It was almost as if I were reading Daniels private journal a place in which he divulged details about the spotlight now shown on the fictional town of Wanishing, Michigan and how it has had a positive yet, negative effect on his life.

The character that I thought was such an absolute sweetheart would have to be Sidney. I enjoyed seeing her relationship with Daniel and how even though they never said I love you they both knew deep down that they had each other's hearts. In addition to that I would have loved to see more of Darren as well. I'm not going to spoil anything but I do hope that he makes it into the next novel even if it's just for an appearance.

What I especially liked was the cleverness behind the title of Welsch's novel. I still find myself repeating the poem over and over again trying to find the deeper meaning behind the novel's name. This is a story that I can read a thousand times over again and I would never get tired of reading it. This novel is sure to become a classic literature piece for generations to come.


Rating: *****

P.S. I love the cover! Welsch created the cover all on his own and I feel it suited his novel very well!

Have you read this novel? Tell me, what did you think about this story?!
I can't wait to hear what you have to say :)
Until Next Time ;*
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