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Advice #1: How to write a novel?! Pt.2

Hey ya'll,
So a few days ago I gave you the first three steps all aspiring writers should take before writing their novel. If you haven't read my last blog post then you can click here to read it. However, if you have read my last posting then check out these awesome steps to follow up with what I told you last time.

Step 4: Point of View

Another important part to carefully consider is which character are you going to allow to tell your story. Will it be the heroic main character? Or will the antagonist rule your novels direction?
How about the charming background character who sees everything? No matter what decision you make just know that the dynamics of your story can be different with each character you may choose to take your readers on an adventure. So don't make this choice lightly! Choose the character you want to lead based on the emotion you want your readers to experience.

Step 5: Themes

The best part about a novel is the unique plot. I personally love stories that are different from all the other themes written. I want something unexpected. I want a book that makes me never want to put it down! So my advice for you is to never be afraid of where your creative mind takes you, but be aware that someone else's novel may be similar to yours.

Step 6: What goes where?

A new trend I have seen in novels is that authors will either place part of the ending at the beginning or they will start off with a certain characters thoughts before introducing the full layout of the book to its readers. My advice is that you should be unexpected, but stay true to what your novel is about. I have read my fair share of books and one thing that always gets me is how entertaining and different every author is when cleverly beginning their novels. So always trust yourself and know that simple is sometimes better and that you shouldn't be afraid to push the envelope.

Thank you for checking out part 2 of my tips on how to write a novel! If you know someone who could benefit from my advice then share the link to this post. Also, tell me in the comment section below what are your special techniques? Are they similar to mine?

Also, I would like to notify you all that I am speaking from my own experience with successfully writing my own novels and that the experience that you and others may have will vary depending on a number of factors like your choice of genre, plot, and characterization.

If you haven't read my last post on How to write a novel then be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Advice #1: How to write a novel?! Pt.1

Hey ya'll,
So a question I am always asked at events or even in public by those who spot me is 'How did you manage to write a 300 page novel?'. The answer is really simple, but there are numerous steps that I take when organizing my thoughts on books I may be preparing to write.

Check out these steps that are sure to help out any aspiring author in need!

Step 1: Choose a genre

This is the step that most people bypass, but I actually feel like this is the step that is crucial for everything else to fall into place. When choosing a genre you have to choose something that will not only make you excited, but others as well. When deciding your genre you have to look at who your target audience may be and how many people are in the same field as you are. When choosing a genre make sure that it's something that can be universally entertaining to at least a few different age groups.

And remember that there is no wrong choice to choosing a genre. When J.K.Rowling wrote the Harry Potter Series it was viewed as being a member of the fantasy genre. Although at the time fantasy was not a popular genre when the Harry Potter Series was published it still rose against the odds and is
now one of the best novels of the 21st century.

So sometimes going against the norms of typical book genres like young-adult and children are very beneficial to authors who may be amongst a few in certain areas pertaining to literary genres.

Step 2: Develop a realistic setting

I know what you're thinking! What if my story is fictional then how can I make the setting realistic? Well, when I state to develop a "realistic" setting I use that term very loosely. When you orchestrate your novel make sure that if you do create this incredibly breathtaking new world that you give readers the information they need to either visualize or know how this world came about.

Some suggest the Earth was created during a big bang. How was your world created? Is your world being enslaved by an alien race? If yes, tell me how did this happen?

Readers are clueless when they pick up a book. All readers know is what you tell them and you have to make sure that what you tell them is exactly how you have been imagining your story.

Don't include information that doesn't belong!

Step 3: Choose the names of your characters

The names of your characters are crucial to whether or not your readers are going to remember your story. When choosing your characters names make sure that it is not off of the lst of the hottest baby names of (insert year here)! Readers want originality and once we find that in an author we are faithful fans.

A characters name should match their personality. If you create an upbeat and preppy character I expect her to have a fun name. Or if you decide to make a bad boy character that is withdrawn then I'd expect a common mysterious name to meet the expectations of who he is in your story.

A characters name is a defining point in the total sales of your novel. For example, who would have ever came up with the name Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games). This is a name that is simple, but screams special. You will know that you have chosen the right name when it echos in your soul that the character you have is unique.

Thank you for checking out part 1 of my tips on how to write a novel! If you know someone who could benefit from my advice then share the link to this post. Also, tell me in the comment section below what are your special techniques? Are they similar to mine?

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Book Review #21: Swab by Heather Choate

Hey ya'll,
So I just finished reading the novel Swab by Heather Choate and it was amazing!

First off, Choate is truly a gifted writer! I loved every moment of Swab and being part of Cat's world as she tries to find a lost love and navigate through an earthly world overwhelmed by Scarb.

The highlight of this novel besides Choate's clever plot would have to be Derrick. I felt like he was the underdog of this story. Though Choate introduced him in the beginning briefly, when he first appeared in the novel speaking with Cat, I feel his presence throughout the novel was essential to allowing the readers to see a different side of Cat.

I enjoyed the action and suspense as well. There were so many battles fought throughout this novel and they were all written so beautifully that I felt like I wasn't reading, but rather imagining everything as I went along with this story. Choate I feel did a great job by making this novel in first-person because it allowed me to understand the main character, Cat, a lot better through her interactions with others.

Also, Swab is very well-balanced. I loved how the characters had such strong emotions and how everyone had their own individual personality. A lot of times characters that authors create might seem alike and I just loved how Choate's characters were uniquely different from one another.

In addition, I binge-read this book for about four days straight! Swab is just that awesome. I haven't been more proud of a novel than I am right now. I can definitely see this becoming something bigger in the future like a new television series for either MTV or the CW.

My favorite character is actually everyone in this story that is mentioned including the flat characters like Gray. Although Choate didn't heavily describe each character I thought that was a brilliant decision that she made because as a reader I got to visualize these characters on my own and her details added to my fulfillment of being entertained by this novel.

I wish my scale could rank higher, but sadly it doesn't. Swab has definitely raised the bar for future novels that I may decide to read someday. I can't wait to get my hands on the next installment of this series.

Rank: *****

Have you ever read this novel? Did you love it as much as I did? Or did it fall short? Who was your favorite character? Tell me, I want to hear what you have to say! 
Until Next Time ;*

To Purchase click on the link:

Books to read with your significant other?!

#Hey ya'll,
So Valentines Day is quickly approaching and I thought what better way to get you all in the loving mood than with a few hot novellas to keep you and your significant other "entertained" this Valentines weekend.

Before you stop reading this due to the fact that your mate doesn't like to read I ask that you trust me. These novellas are short, sexy, and they will definitely keep the average reader glued to the pages.


Rose Red will stop at nothing to protect her sister, Snow White, from suffering the same fate as their mother. She vows to kill Hestor, the evil dwarf sorcerer responsible for her death. But a twist of fate lands her on the bottom of a riverbed, and her life in the hands of a mysterious stranger.

My Opinion

This novel gives a different spin to the famed Snow White fairytale. In this book anything goes and fantasies come true at every corner. Also, it has a follow-up novel for those that may read this book a little too fast.


He gave her more than his protection...for one hot night.

As the daughter of a Hollywood mogul, introverted Claire Kenyon has often been thrown into the limelight, despite her best efforts to live a quiet life. When her father receives a threat aimed at her, he surrounds her with security, and one of her bodyguards is sexy Michael Lyle, who offers Claire very close protection.

Michael has worked for Claire's father for six years, and she has only known him as unemotional and professional. So she isn't prepared for the depths she discovers he's been hiding from her. He is her bodyguard, however, and there are certain lines he will never cross. The more irresistible she finds him, the more he tries to resist.

Then everything changes in only one night...

My Opinion

This is the perfect novel for couples who have fought for their love and continue to fight.


This wasn’t how Police Chief Zane Duncan expected to spend his first Christmas with fellow officer and girlfriend Stevie Taylor. But when a local motel calls in the discovery of a dead body, the couple’s holiday takes a grim turn. This is the second murder in Solitude within the week, despite the fact that their primary suspect is already in custody. Together, Zane and Stevie must face a disturbing truth—their small town may be harboring two killers.

As their investigation digs deep into the backgrounds of newcomers and longtime residents alike, Zane and Stevie also struggle to adjust to life under the same roof. Even if the stress of homicides and cohabitation don’t bring an end to the couple, the murderer lying in wait just might.

My Opinion

This is perfect for those of you that love a good mystery and enjoy the intensity of your relationship. Who knew that a murder mystery could be so heartwarming?


Dr. Jason Gilmore is back in Hope Falls, California, for the reading of the will of his mentor, David Hansen. Jason expects a small memento from the man he considered a father figure. He gets far more—including the task of sorting through David’s belongings with the help of his beautiful, sassy daughter, Tara.

Who just happens to be the woman with whom Jason had a hot, spontaneous encounter in a bar storeroom the night before.


And amazing.

My Opinion
I always love books that have the characters connected by fate. And this is a story that I believe will warm your heart and take you to the root of what love truly is.


After an injury ruins her ballet career, financially desperate Julianna Wright takes a job in a pro-wrestling show as the Dynamic Dancing Delila, aka Triple D. She’s been managed for years, and will do anything to find her independence and support herself, darn it, even if it means dancing for rabid wrestling fans and being named after a bra size.

Hunky pro-wrestler Marco the Magnificent is stunned when he sees his childhood crush performing center ring. It’s no place for a lady, well, not a fragile and lovely lady like Julianna at any rate. Marco wants nothing more than to protect her from the brutalities of the business, but, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and his attempts to talk her out of her career choice simply fuel her fire to succeed.

Julianna’s need for a job, and Marco’s desire to protect her, force them into a partnership both inside and outside of the ring, a partnership that sparks feelings neither of them expects. Pinned under the weight of their explosive chemistry, they’re forced to realize that they truly are… The Perfect Match.

My Opinion

White's novel is exactly what lovers need! This is such an amazing book for lovers that are protective over their loved one in a healthy way. In this novel every desire is met with satisfying results.

Each of these books are approximately 150 pages or less and deal with the different dynamics of love. If you are a couple or even someone that is single this Valentines Day these books will definitely bring you into the loving mood. I personally handpicked these novels because they all tell different variations of love that include being heartwarming, nurturing, sexy, and daring among other things. In addition, these novellas are all $4 or less.

Have you read theses novellas? If so, tell all those lovers out there just how good these books are! And if you happen to read this on Valentines Day whether you're with your mate or not let me know what you enjoyed best about these books.
Until Next Time ;*

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne?!

Hey ya'll,
So this topic has been all over social media today that Lionsgate has purchased the movie rights for a film adaptation on the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne.

When I first heard this news I was so excited due to the fact that the Magic Treehouse Series was such an essential read during my childhood along with Barbara Park's Junie B. Jones Series. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series I want to let you know that it is similar to Doctor Who except for children. In the Magic Treehouse Series two children who happen to be siblings named Jack and Annie are given quests to travel back in time to far away places.

For authors who may feel like their work doesn't have a chance I want to let you know that you should never give up. The Magic Treehouse Series was developed in the 80's and eventually was published consecutively after the 90's. And now it is 2016 and this amazing series is finally being considered to be a major film.

My advice for authors, aspiring writers and to anyone who is chasing their dreams is that you should never give up. Someone wise once told me that, "People make plans. Fate makes those plans successful."

So never give up and always keep trying to reach your dreams no matter what others have to say. I didn't listen to haters and look at how far I have come. My faith, family, and friends have inspired me to keep going.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Free Ebooks Courtesy of Bookbub?! Pt. 4

Hey ya'll,
So Bookbub has sent me some incredible reads this Tuesday that I can't stop thinking about! Check these hot new books out along with a few old-timers that will keep your eyes glued to the pages. Also, these books are all free for a limited time only. Here they are:

Shattered rose by tammy l gray


“For any girl who has struggled to love herself.” — T.L. Gray 

Avery Nichols knows how to wear the mask. Perfect student, perfect daughter and perfect friend. Nobody would ever guess that inside Avery is a prisoner to her own self loathing. 

Then she meets him… and everything changes. 

Handsome, charming and self assured, Jake Matthew sweeps Avery off her feet in an effortless fashion. Avery knows that Jake is everything she needs and all she has ever wanted. 

She would destroy herself to be loved by him… until he walks away. 

Broken and lost, Avery meets Parker. His genuine, caring nature reaches past the mask and the shattered pieces of her heart slowly begin to heal. But just when Avery starts to feel whole again, she faces the impossible truth. 

Jake never really left.

My Opinion

What makes a reader like myself want to read books is the fact that I can have something to relate to in the novels that I am reading. I feel that Shattered Rose is perfect for teens. This novel I believe is crucial for teens to read so that they understand what self-love is. The media projects women to be seen as one thing and men as another. This novel will crush those ever-present stereotypes!

Robinson crusoe 2244 by e j robinson


Two centuries after mankind drove itself to the brink of extinction, a new civilization rises from the ashes of what was once Great Britain. But when deadly strife breaks out among their ranks, the teenage son of one prominent family finds himself fleeing in the dead of night only to wind up shipwrecked on the forbidden continent of America. 

Armed with only his wit and the most unexpected of allies, the teenager struggles to survive in a wasteland filled with unspeakable horrors and in the end must uncover the one secret that can save his own people or spell doom for mankind forever.

My Opinion

As I always say I love a good book with action and suspense. This novel makes me feel scared and intrigued! This is a different spin on genres that deal with a pending apocalypse and I feel that it is easily lovable for people of all ages.

The singularity heretic by david beers


One thousand years in the future, humans no longer rule... 
In the early twenty-first century, humanity marveled at its greatest creation: Artificial Intelligence. They didn’t foresee the consequences of such a creation, however.

Deemed The Genesis, the Intelligence quickly decided humanity couldn’t continue in its current form, that if it did, destruction awaited the world. Resorting to drastic measures, entire generations of humans grew from laboratories, and within a thousand years, the threat of destruction evaporated.

Now, in a world where humans must meet specifications to continue living, a man named Caesar emerges. Not meeting specifications, indeed, thinking things no human should, eyes fall on Caesar, eyes that could kill him or lift him up, lead him to tragedy or revolution.

My Opinion

Fans of the Terminator will love this book! It's refreshingly good and it takes a different stance on what we've already been introduced to about cyborgs taking over the world. Check this book out if you want an exciting adventure with traps at every turn.

Shadow sight by e j stevens


Ivy and Jinx’s psychic detective agency in the supernatural town of Harborsmouth is doing well. But when a demon warns them of a deadly, nightmarish threat, they’ll have to make some tough choices…

My Opinion

Mystery novels always put my mind to work. There are so many levels of darkness and fears of the unknown that I am instantaneously captivated by. And this novel will do exactly that! Check this book out if you're in for a suspenseful ride into the dark side.

Noble intentions season one by l t ryan


Jack Noble. Assassin for hire. Spy. Thief. He makes no mistakes. Passes no judgement. Feels no remorse. So why does he stop to help a lost child moments before he’s supposed to complete a deal with one of the east coast’s top crime bosses?

A simple decision that places Jack in unfamiliar territory. He’s become the hunted and finds himself in a race against time to save those closest to him.

My Opinion

If this was turned into a movie then it is sure to be a box-office hit.
Two reasons why: Amazing plot. Good Drama.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Giveaway #1 Winners of Dark Lands: Requiem by Lyn I. Kelly

Hey ya'll,
So one week ago I announced that I was doing a giveaway for the talented author Lyn I. Kelly! In addition, I also stated that I was sweetening the pot for this incredible read by gifting away a few of my books. All winners were randomly chosen as stated:

Winner #1: Mike Melville

1 copy of Lyn I. Kelly's novel, Dark Lands: Requiem
1 copy of Author KMJ's novel, Laws of Passion
1 copy of Author KMJ's children's book, Duck's First Day of School

Runner up #1: Angel Crabtree

Your choice of Duck's First Day of School (Children's Literature)
Laws of Passion (Young Adult)

Runner up #2: Kelsey Molton

Your choice of Duck's First Day of School (Children's Literature)
Laws of Passion (Young Adult)

All the winners above have been contacted via Facebook. Please check your inbox or your "other" message requests for information on how to collect your prize!
 Thank you to all who have entered.

*See Disclaimer Below. KMJ Book Reveals is not responsible for the lost of any giveaway materials as it goes through the mail.