Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Advice #1: How to write a novel?! Pt.1

Hey ya'll,
So a question I am always asked at events or even in public by those who spot me is 'How did you manage to write a 300 page novel?'. The answer is really simple, but there are numerous steps that I take when organizing my thoughts on books I may be preparing to write.

Check out these steps that are sure to help out any aspiring author in need!

Step 1: Choose a genre

This is the step that most people bypass, but I actually feel like this is the step that is crucial for everything else to fall into place. When choosing a genre you have to choose something that will not only make you excited, but others as well. When deciding your genre you have to look at who your target audience may be and how many people are in the same field as you are. When choosing a genre make sure that it's something that can be universally entertaining to at least a few different age groups.

And remember that there is no wrong choice to choosing a genre. When J.K.Rowling wrote the Harry Potter Series it was viewed as being a member of the fantasy genre. Although at the time fantasy was not a popular genre when the Harry Potter Series was published it still rose against the odds and is
now one of the best novels of the 21st century.

So sometimes going against the norms of typical book genres like young-adult and children are very beneficial to authors who may be amongst a few in certain areas pertaining to literary genres.

Step 2: Develop a realistic setting

I know what you're thinking! What if my story is fictional then how can I make the setting realistic? Well, when I state to develop a "realistic" setting I use that term very loosely. When you orchestrate your novel make sure that if you do create this incredibly breathtaking new world that you give readers the information they need to either visualize or know how this world came about.

Some suggest the Earth was created during a big bang. How was your world created? Is your world being enslaved by an alien race? If yes, tell me how did this happen?

Readers are clueless when they pick up a book. All readers know is what you tell them and you have to make sure that what you tell them is exactly how you have been imagining your story.

Don't include information that doesn't belong!

Step 3: Choose the names of your characters

The names of your characters are crucial to whether or not your readers are going to remember your story. When choosing your characters names make sure that it is not off of the lst of the hottest baby names of (insert year here)! Readers want originality and once we find that in an author we are faithful fans.

A characters name should match their personality. If you create an upbeat and preppy character I expect her to have a fun name. Or if you decide to make a bad boy character that is withdrawn then I'd expect a common mysterious name to meet the expectations of who he is in your story.

A characters name is a defining point in the total sales of your novel. For example, who would have ever came up with the name Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games). This is a name that is simple, but screams special. You will know that you have chosen the right name when it echos in your soul that the character you have is unique.

Thank you for checking out part 1 of my tips on how to write a novel! If you know someone who could benefit from my advice then share the link to this post. Also, tell me in the comment section below what are your special techniques? Are they similar to mine?

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