Monday, February 22, 2016

Advice #1: How to write a novel?! Pt.2

Hey ya'll,
So a few days ago I gave you the first three steps all aspiring writers should take before writing their novel. If you haven't read my last blog post then you can click here to read it. However, if you have read my last posting then check out these awesome steps to follow up with what I told you last time.

Step 4: Point of View

Another important part to carefully consider is which character are you going to allow to tell your story. Will it be the heroic main character? Or will the antagonist rule your novels direction?
How about the charming background character who sees everything? No matter what decision you make just know that the dynamics of your story can be different with each character you may choose to take your readers on an adventure. So don't make this choice lightly! Choose the character you want to lead based on the emotion you want your readers to experience.

Step 5: Themes

The best part about a novel is the unique plot. I personally love stories that are different from all the other themes written. I want something unexpected. I want a book that makes me never want to put it down! So my advice for you is to never be afraid of where your creative mind takes you, but be aware that someone else's novel may be similar to yours.

Step 6: What goes where?

A new trend I have seen in novels is that authors will either place part of the ending at the beginning or they will start off with a certain characters thoughts before introducing the full layout of the book to its readers. My advice is that you should be unexpected, but stay true to what your novel is about. I have read my fair share of books and one thing that always gets me is how entertaining and different every author is when cleverly beginning their novels. So always trust yourself and know that simple is sometimes better and that you shouldn't be afraid to push the envelope.

Thank you for checking out part 2 of my tips on how to write a novel! If you know someone who could benefit from my advice then share the link to this post. Also, tell me in the comment section below what are your special techniques? Are they similar to mine?

Also, I would like to notify you all that I am speaking from my own experience with successfully writing my own novels and that the experience that you and others may have will vary depending on a number of factors like your choice of genre, plot, and characterization.

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