Monday, August 31, 2015

Book Review #13: The Reluctant Sacrifice by Kerr-Ann Dempster

Hey ya'll,
I had the opportunity to read the amazing novel, The Reluctant Sacrifice by Kerr-Ann Dempster and I could not put this book down!

I loved every part of this novel! I enjoyed how there wasn't too much description yet the characters screamed out to me and they all retained their own individuality. My favorite character has to be the alluring Coy. I enjoyed reading about the heightened emotion and flirtatious desires he felt for Aubrey. Coy had me fangirling all the way from the beginning to the end.
Another character I was entertained by was the main character Aubrey because she wasn't like any other main character I had come across. I felt Aubrey was relateable and very head strong. I enjoyed seeing a character that is female and is more than a damsel in distress. Considering this day in age where women are so powerful it was nice to see that quality show throughout Dempster's novel with her characters. 
Overall, the concept of this novel was breathtaking! Dempster introduces us all to a new world of jumpers (People who can jump into the bodies of others) as well as an array of other supernatural creatures that compliment each other very well in the cloaked world of Aramith.
I truly found so much pleasure in reading this novel! I was so captivated by Dempster's story that I could not put this book down. To all my readers, I recommend you get this novel as soon as possible. I expect great things from Dempster and it would be no surprise to me if this fellow Michiganian broke the New York Times Best Seller List because of how explosive and jaw-dropping this story is. I wish my rating system went to a billion....
I loved how she put glimpses of the hit CW show, Supernatural within the story! Sam and Dean Winchester are awesome.
Have you read this novel? If not, you really need now!!!!! Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Tell me, I want to hear what you have to say <3
Until Next Time ;)

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Review #12: Gold Apple School by Veronica Piras

Hey ya'll,
So I had the opportunity to read the wonderful novel, Gold Apple School by French Author Veronica Piras and it was such an entertaining read!

Book Progression
Piras takes me on an adventure by fantastically applying first- person to her novel so I can experience the growth of the main character Giada as she adjusts to life at a prestigious cooking school known as the Gold Apple School. Along with her friend Krista, they both have a run in with breaking the rules, expanding their expertise, and finding love in some very handsome teachers.

The character that has abolutely overtaken my heart would have to be Martin. I loved how flirtatious and mysterious he was throughout the story! Every time he made an appearance it made me crave for him more and more. I particularly enjoyed the vulnerable moment he had with Giada while leaving Victoria Park.
My favorite line of this novel would be: "The grave is the temple of time."

I felt that was very wonderfully, poetically put!
What I genuinely loved about this story is just how realistic this novel is. I enjoyed seeing problems incorporated throughout the storyline that actual teenagers and young adults like myself have to deal with today. This has been the ultimate coming-of-age novel and I am sure that this will grace the New York Times Best Seller List someday.
Honestly, unlike other novels I have read I felt satisfied by this ending. I enjoyed feeling completely fulfilled. Piras has created a brilliant novel that I believe everyone should experience.
Also, I was rooting for Martin to keep Giada's heart, but in the end I felt like Dorian was the perfect guy to end this novel on a higher note.
Have you read this novel? Tell me, what did you think? I loved it! Do you agree or disagree?
 I want to hear your thoughts!
Until Next Time! ;)
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Perfect Glasses for a late night read courtesy of!?

Hey ya'll,
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What I love most about the glasses I recieved is the fact that I literally wore them for two days straight and I never had to clean them because the glass didn't collect dust and fingerprints as much as other glasses may.
Also, I chose a leopard print style which goes pefectly with my wardrobe making these glasses
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So get your glasses now and comment below what you think about
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Review #11: Treasure Darkly by Jordan Elizabeth

Hey ya'll,
So I had the fantastic opportunity of reviewing the novel Treasure Darkly by Jordan Elizabeth and it was such an amazing story!!!!

Treasure Darkly takes place in a rustic, steam-punk world filled with obsessive villains, elite families, and a chemical weapon that has fallen in the wrong hands.What I loved most about this novel is that every character had a story to be told and you could definitely see a growth between the characters from the beginning to the end.

The character that stood out to me the most would be Jeremiah. I loved how bodacious his personality was! He definitely made the main character of this novel, Clark, seem more interesting by his dislike of Clark being "thrown" into his family. Another character I enjoyed was Donald. I felt like he was a light at the end of the tunnel for both Clark and Amethyst. He was such a refreshing character and I hope to see more of him within the next novel. Hopefully, he will be aiding Clark and Amethyst on their next adventure in recovering Eric's lot inventions. 

Elizabeth's novel is so phenomenal! It was very descriptive and really sunk me into the world she has created when she brought the world of steam-punk into a visually gratifying light for the reader. If Tim Burton had a cooler cousin it would Elizabeth. What an outstanding read for the readers that crave more!

Curiosity Quills continues to amaze me. This is the third book I have read from an author under their publishing company and I have not yet been disappointed especially, since I am such a picky reader. It takes a lot to surprise me and their authors continue to do that to me. They hit all the right marks in this novel.

Rating: *****

Have you ever read this novel? Tell me, what did you think about it? Did you agree with what I have to say?! Until Next Time ;*

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Free Ebooks Courtesy of Bookbub?! Pt.3

Hey ya'll,
So for those of you who have been following my blog closely you already know that there is one and only one website I will go to in order to find some hot books to read when I'm in need of a good book which happens to be As always Bookbub has delivered me some fresh new reads tailored to my interests and I can't wait to share with you the ones that made my TBR list!

Paranormal public by maddy edwards


Charlotte just found out she’s a mage. The next step? Attending Paranormal Public University, where pixies, vampires, and even fallen angels sit side-by-side in magical classrooms. The problem? Vengeful demons will destroy the school unless Charlotte can master her craft…

My Opinion

If  the Harry Potter series had a much cooler cousin then this story would be it! Not only do you have vampires, but fallen angels are also involved in the developing plot at Paranormal Public University. If this doesn't scream for your attention then I don't know what else will.

Thin wire by christine lewry


In this deeply poignant true story, a mother and daughter recount their struggle with the daughter’s heroin addiction. An unflinching look at a family in crisis with over 170 five-star ratings on Goodreads.

My Opinion

I always love to read stories that have realistic situations and this biography is as uncensored as it can get. You receive the truth and actual accounts of what happens when someone becomes hooked on drugs. 
If I were an executive at Lifetime Movie Network I would hurry and buy the movie rights to this phenomenal story.

Insanity by cameron jace


Hannibal meets Alice in Wonderland in this dark fantasy. Alice Wonder is a patient in a lunatic asylum after accidentally killing her classmates. But an odd Professor Caterpillar not only believes that Alice is sane, but that she can catch the worst of Wonderland’s criminals.

My Opinion

One thing I admire is those who take fairy tales from the past and can give them a new spin that is appropriate and interesting for the newer generations that are getting older. If I had my way I would ask Tim Burton to create this drama into a movie because it gives Alice in Wonderland a fresh perspective. However, as we all know from reading the original books detailing Alice's life she isn't as innocent as the Disney movies portrayed her to be. So get this hot novel now!

Marking time by april white


Saira Elian takes a wild ride through time, arriving in Victorian England to face Jack the Ripper. There, Saira’s new friend Archer helps her master her abilities. Can she save her mother and protect Archer from a devastating secret? With nearly 500 five-star Amazon reviews.

My Opinion

Any book that involves the infamous yet alluding serial killer Jack the Ripper is always interesting to me because I like seeing what different conclusions people come to about how he avoided capture from the police all those year ago. Truly intriguing!

Concealed power by kj colt


Young Adenine carries the plague that killed so many of her people — and must avoid infecting others at any cost. But when she's finally forced to leave her house, Adenine finds a world full of enemies and plots. A rich and unique fantasy.

My Opinion

I love this! I enjoy how it deals with problems concerning this day and age which is mostly about new influenza's terrorizing today's people. Also, I like how this is put in a realistic fiction stand point that we can all relate too and enjoy at the same time.

So in addition to all of this wonderful information all of these novels are available for free!

Did you like the reads that I chose? Have you read them? Tell me! I want to hear what you have to say <3
Until Next Time ;*

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Book Review #10: In Midnight's Silence by T. Frohock

Hey ya'll,
So I had the privilege of reading an awesome novel called, In Midnight's Silence by T. Frohock and it was time very well spent!

This novel was absolutely captivating from beginning to end! This story takes you on a spiritual journey that makes you question if the good side of humanity is really even good. I loved how Frohock made the main character Diago Alvarez brave yet vulnerable. It made Diago very easy to connect to because though he has such special abilities that he uses when up against angels and demons he still finds himself lost and wondering who's side is everyone really on.

Another character that stood out to me is Guillermo. I adored how boy next door he seemed. To me, not only was he cunning and seemingly dangerous, but he was also a man that makes you feel as if you can trust him. He was definitely a fresh of breath air to this heart-pounding story!

What I enjoyed most about Frohock's novel is that I never got bored. I didn't feel as if anything was missing. In fact, I actually wanted this story to be longer due to how genuinely great it is. I feel like it is so hard to find great books due to authors thinking that they can capitalize on the forever drug out stories concerning vampires and werewolves. Frohock gives us all a new perspective on what writing truly is.

Rating: *****

Have you ever read this novel? Tell me, what did you think about it? Did you agree with what I have to say?! Until Next Time ;*

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Poem: Never Went On by Don'Monique

You stare me down, like I'm a threat, 
 you crush my dreams, they were never sent. 
You put me down, made me look like a clown, why hate me? 
Why tell me I'm worthless, why tell me in not pretty? 
So you can feel worth it.
 Tell me I'll never understand, 
just so you can look good for another man. 
Trying to look good, be a parent like other people should. 
But always know,
 I'll love you more then them other men could.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Book Review #9: Where the Tomorrows Go by Manoj S. Abraham

Hey ya'll, 
So I had the amazing opportunity of reviewing the children's book, Where the Tomorrows Go by Manoj S. Abraham.

What I loved about this particular children's literature is the emotional story-line that was developing throughout the book. I felt Abraham really did a great job in providing a book that focuses on how children grieve and how parents can help to assuage those feelings so that the child is able to move on with life 
without facing heavy depression.

Another awesome touch had to be the illustrations by Liz Urso! I completely fell in love with how well she captured Abraham's vision throughout the book of Bella and her dog Go Go which really highlighted the emotional aspect of the plot.

In my opinion even though I am a girl I still would have liked the main character to be a boy. Also, there was a momentary break that stopped the flow of the reading for me, but it quickly picked up from their which is what I enjoyed about this story.

Overall, parents I believe this is a must read for your child before they head back to school!
This book is great in the sense that it shows us that even though someone is gone there are many ways for us to keep honoring their memories which is what I loved about this story so much.

My younger brother (who is 6 years old) & I give this book.....

Rating: ****

Until Next Time ;)

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