Sunday, July 12, 2015

Book Review #8: Escape from Witchwood Hollow by Jordan Elizabeth

Hey ya'll,
So I had the amazing opportunity to read the incredible novel, Escape from Witchwood Hollow by the wonderful Jordan Elizabeth.

I have never read a novel that has so many mysteries in one story! I loved every moment of this book.
Honoria the main character in this novel had such a lovely personality. I enjoyed getting to know her and her family as the story takes place in the small town of Arnn.

However, as I learned about Arnn through the multiple discoveries of the towns past made by her and her friend Leon I was able to see that the locals are all troubled by folktales involving the mysterious Witchwood Hollow, a place where people can go in, but almost never can come out.

As I read Elizabeth's book I thought that she brilliantly executed this novel by making sure that all the intertwining story-line's came together perfectly at the end. I was not disappointed at all and I commend her for doing such a fantastic job on giving us readers a story that truly takes on a journey. 

When I came to the end of her novel Elizabeth stated that this novel was actually an idea for a movie she and her friends had decided to do. And I couldn't agree more! Except I'd prefer to see this as a television show due to how daring and introspective the plot is.

I am still in awe! Elizabeth's novel gave me chills and made my heart race due to revelations made within her story. I loved every minute of it!

Have your read this novel? If yes, what did you think about? If no, then what are you waiting for?! This book is awesome :) Until Next Time ;*

Rating: *****

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