Monday, July 13, 2015

People Discriminate Against Books?!

Hey ya'll,
So something has been on my mind lately and it has been driving me crazy!

I am open minded when it comes to selecting a book to read. I do have my favorite genres, but I also like to look at other books from certain genres that may be amazing that I may have over looked. However, I have a friend that is not the same way. So here's the story:

My friend and I were at the library and we were browsing for some books. So I pick up this book (which I have now forgotten the name of...Sorry ) and I say "Hey, doesn't this look good!. Now my friend she doesn't even give this book the time of day. She rolls her eyes and says "I hate books like that."

Now me I'm puzzled because I'm thinking 'She hasn't even read this book and she's already hating it.'

So I ask her, "Why do you hate this book so much? Have you read it before?' and she replies to me "No. I have never read this book."

I ask her, "Well, why do you hate it."

"Because, have you seen the cover!"

"What's wrong with the cover?" I asked. I was curious and had to know because from what I could see the novel had a fresh cover like it hadn't been read and was new.

"It has someones face on it!"

"Okay?" I said, unsure of how that's a bad thing. So she says, "See now you know why I hate it!"

Can I just say I was sooooo disappointed in my friend right at that moment. If my friend looks at a book and automatically assumes its terrible just imagine how many more people have pet peeves about what their reading. So my advice to you readers is to give whatever book you're counting out a chance.

There are some great books out there that have such amazing story-lines so don't pass it up because of one quirk you find "distracting'.

Are you or someone you know just like my friend? If not, what's you're biggest pet peeve when it comes to purchasing a book? Tell me! I'm all ears <3 Until Next Time ;)

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