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Hey ya'll,
So we have all read that one book that had that one male character that was just too hot to keep up with. Some of them were the boyfriend others were the best friend, but either way they captured all of our hearts and we clung to every word they had to say. Here is my list of the best #BookBoyfriends that should have been or never were.

#1. Jacob Black (Best Friend) - The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer

As you can see I am all for #TeamJacob! 
I feel like Jacob Black was this cute boy next door that we all were rooting for, but in the end he struck out with his crush Bella Swan. Jacob I feel has everything a girl could ask for which is that he cared and wasn't afraid to show it. 
Every thing he did and every move he made was too benefit his girl, pack, and family. If this isn't a guy to take home to mom then I don't know who is. 
Jacob you rock and guys should take notes!

#2. Sam (Boyfriend?)- Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

No need to get alarmed Dylan O'brien is sadly not starring in a movie based on Shiver, but he does make a good representation of the shifting wolf Sam Roth. 
Sam was my favorite character from Shiver! 
I loved how protective he was over Grace Brisbane and how he always went out of his way to make her happy. Now there was a love triangle brewing between Sam, Grace, and the only female of his pack Shelby and I enjoyed reading how he dissolved the tension by telling Shelby that he was just not that into her. 
Sam is the summer fling that just keeps coming back ;)

#3. Damon Salvatore (Boyfriend)- The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

We either hate to love them or we love to hate them, but Damon Salvatore has done so much that all he causes is frustration. Damon from the Vampire Diaries is known in the novels and television series of the same name for being someone who fights hard and falls in love harder.
Damon as we have seen time and time again goes the extra mile to impress the love of his life Elena Gilbert who he happened to win over!
However, who could resist him? 
He is the ultimate bad boy with that sweet side that most girls dream about.
 So take a look ladies, but don't get too close he likes to bite.

#4. Alex Fuentos (Boyfriend)- Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkes

Alex is that one guy who believes he is just too cool for school. He flirts, speaks his mind, and has that reputation for being dangerous. However, knowing that he might be one to ditch you on a date it didn't stop Brittany Ellis from becoming his "girl". 
Alex is one out of a handful of characters that does not have super powers and made me like what he was about.
So watch out girls or you may just get hooked too.

#5. Finnick Odair- The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Finnick Odair is the one character we want more of, but we never get to see. His role in the novel was short, but we cherished the amount of charm and sass that arrived when he came into the picture. If there was one character that should receive a spin-off series, it would be him. 
Finnick captured our hearts by his sarcasm and will to do whatever it takes.
He is the one background character that never got credit for being so awesome!
Though he wasn't in love with Katniss Everdeen we could tell just how much he cared for his faraway love Annie when competing during the games.

There you have it! Here is my list of book boyfriend/ bestfriends that were too hot too handle. This is why I love them and thank the authors for creating them because they were so essential to the development of their respective stories.

Did you like my list? Tell me why! If not who do you think I need to put on it? I want to hear what you have to say <3 Until Next Time ;*

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