Monday, April 13, 2015

How to choose a book?

Hey ya'll,
So I don't know about you guy's, but I have always had a hard time with finding a good book to read. When I go to my school's library I find myself picking up multiple books with one roaming thought making me wonder 'should I even check this book out?'.

So in order to help you all find great books without facing disappointment when you go home I have three tips to assure you that you are going to embark on a great reading journey.

Tip #1: Never judge a book by it's cover!

- This is a saying that you have probably heard since everyone around you hit puberty. And though we readers do judge a book by it's cover the irony is that we really shouldn't. When it comes to finding the right book I believe that the cover of the book you have chosen to read has to be an added bonus to what you get when you purchase or check out a book.

I feel that the cover is like a guy or girl (depending on who you are) you can be attracted to that person physically, but mentally you can be so over that person due to their personality and the way they project themselves in public. A cover should only affirm your wonder about a book. It should not be the deal breaker in whether or not you read a book.

Tip #2: The back has all the answers

-Okay, whoever said this really needs to rework their puns! If you read the back of a book that should not be what determines whether or not you read the novel. The back cover sometimes can say the book is about one thing and reflect another thing to the reader. So it's best to again use the back cover as additional awareness of the literary work you decide to read.

Tip #3: Recommendations!

-Yes, some people can give bad recommendations, but I'd rather hear thoughts from a friend then get glorified ads flashed at me about how good a book is when sometimes it's not that good of a book. However, we have to remember that's how advertisements work.


-Take all the tips I gave you into account. Look at the cover, read the back of the book, and listen to recommendations from friends, but most importantly you should read the first page of the book you're interested in.

If you read the first page you will see that it gives you more than just a glimpse of the story, but it shows you how an author writes which can give you a lot of insight into how the rest of the book will most likely be.

Hey, did my tips work out for you? Tell me! I want to know all the details <3 Until Next Time ;*

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