Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Authors Cause Themselves to Fail?!

Hey ya'll,
So as I continue to examine the author world I notice that a lot of your career depends on the friends you have and make. Now there are some people who like to work alone and that's fine, but typically those who have friends tend to succeed a lot more whether it's in sales or if it's just about being at an event that their connections allow them to be apart of.

I feel like having friends and supporting one another is the best way to move ahead in the publishing industry. However, instead of supporting the people around us we often at times find ourselves giving more money to mega book stars versus a person who is on the same level as we are who happens to be struggling. So I want to offer some clever and eye-opening advice to those of you who don't know what to do:

Author 1 (Lone Wolf)

-My advice to you, lone-wolf author/writer is for you to join a pack or start your own. Friends who are in the same field as you can provide motivation, support, and wisdom in things you may be unfamiliar with. I admit it's nice to know that you can do anything, but it is also nice to have others to share your joy with. Writing is mostly a singular activity. However, joy can be rippled by the thousands. Remember that the next time you feel like no one is worth your time or better yet remember that when you feel like you can do better. We all want to succeed in life! So why not do it together.


-You're the lone-wolf author who feels like no one understands them. Well, you're wrong! There are plenty of people out there who can be so helpful, but because you fail to give them a chance you end up selling yourself short. Be you and you'll find that to be more than enough whether it's when you write, talk, or even in the way you carry yourself because there will never be another person like you.

Author 2 (Mean Girl)

-You are the type of author who feels like everyone around you is a threat. Though I would call you crazy there is some slight truth to that. No matter what industry you get into you will find that the competition is always fierce, but what you fail to realize is what makes them fierce is the strong team behind them. It's time for you to get rid of this prideful persona you've embodied and admit to yourself that you need help just like the rest of us. So my challenge to you is to get out there and speak with your fellow writing community. I believe that if you give us a chance just as much as we are willing to give you a chance then you will find people who are more uplifting and appreciative of what you do.

The bottom line is that having friends is a key component to succeeding in the publishing universe. Over the past few years I have found some amazingly talented individuals in the writing industry who continue to blow me away with each story they write. And as I have gotten a chance to know them I find that they are quite enlightening on certain topics related to publishing that I had no clue about.

I believe that it is time we take a stand and connect as authors to show the world just how wonderful our work truly is! So next time be open minded and take a chance.

Which author are you? Do you agree with me? Tell me why! Do you disagree with me? Let me know in the comment section. I want to hear what you think? Until Next Time ;*

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