Thursday, April 9, 2015

Authors Need to Cut Out the Middle Man?!

Hey ya'll,
So through my further observation of the publishing world I have found out that there are select businesses out their charging authors ridiculous prices for promotional services that they could have gotten for free or for a much smaller price. 

I feel that this is completely wrong! Authors are spending unnecessary amounts of money for a service in which the ones providing the service are not actually doing anything. 

Most authors may say I don't know how to do HTML. However, nowadays you don't need to have HTML. As a blogger I would prefer just a word document containing the information that you want included in your special release. And I'm sure other bloggers would appreciate that as well, but it depends on who you're dealing with.

Or many authors might say they don't have the "connections". Don't worry, neither do the people you hired. A lot of the time some of the people running blitzes, cover reveals, or new releases are authors who searched for blogs when they did their publications and are just using what they found to make money off of new naive authors.

In my opinion authors would be better off building their own relationships with blogs because then you will have a connection established for your entire writing career versus paying someone for a connection they do not have to do something you could have gotten for free or at a very low price.

Having your own connections I feel is key to your success as an author because you have a set group of people you know that you can turn to and depend on to give you an affordable and successful promotion for your work.

Also, bloggers get affected by this as well because you may think you're helping out an author for free, but you're really doing the work of some middle man who got paid maybe more than $100 to do a release for the author you're trying to help.

It's not right because there are many blogs out there that provide author services for free or for less than $10 yet they are duped into "working" for someone else.

Here is a quote from amazing author Samantha Fury:

For myself, I don't use the middle man. I hardly ever pay for any kind of advertising. I stick with other authors when it comes to a promo. It's hard for a blog or a business to guarantee sales, and when you don't have a large advertising purse, you need to be as sure as you can that your money and time is not going to be wasted. For most marketing I stay with other authors that are in my genre and do a blog hop or cross promotion. I will say if I was going to run an ad, I would be willing to start with the lower priced options $5.00 to 10.00. Most places that have advertising options have pages and pages to wade through just to figure out what they want from you and what they're promising. I need simple options that are not time consuming and I need lower prices to pick from. Thanks for trying to help.

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So my advice to authors and bloggers is for you guys to just cut out this middle man. Or if you are doing freelance work to help an author make sure the person who contacted you to do the work is either from the author themselves or that the company also specializes in freelance work as well.

Also, authors don't immediately throw in the towel and feel that you can't organize a release on your own. I know that sometimes life may get in the way, but trust me it is better to wait than to rush into things. One of my many motto's include the saying "quality over quantity." Meaning you'd rather have a well executed release than something thrown together that could lose you points in this tough publishing world that we live in. Just keep in faith and know that you got this!

So tell me do you agree or disagree? Why? Or if you have anything you'd like to say feel free to leave a message in the comment section below! Until Next Time ;*

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