Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book Review #6: Bad Apple by Wren Michaels

Hey ya'll,
So I just finished reading Bad Apple by the fabulous Wren Michaels and can I just say that Michaels work is amazing!

I enjoyed every minute of Bad Apple which picked up right where it left off in the first novella Unbearable. However, this time around the main focus was centered all on Prince Darien and the wholesome Snow White.

What I really enjoyed about this novella is how Michaels again took a classic iconic princess from the past and gave Snow White her own original voice. It was nice seeing how different each character was and how Michaels was able to push them, but maintain their individual personalities as well.

This novella like the first in my opinion should only be read by those 17 and older due to some sexual material written in the book.

Despite the sexual content the story-line was amazing overall. You get to see what happened between Rose Red and Marcus from the first installment of the series (Unbearable). All while seeing the love between Prince Darien and Snow White blossom into something more.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the character development was how Prince Darien was able to assuage Snow White's worries in whether he loved her or not. As a reader I liked that about this novel because you got more of a man caring about a woman's emotional state rather than someone who was self-centered and in it for themselves. This characteristic about Prince Darien made him even more lovable to fans of this series.

In my opinion Michaels has created another hit with this follow-up novella to her first novella in the series Unbearable. The characters are fantastic as always while the plot has so many twists and turns it will literally make your jaw drop. Bad Apple is sure to top the New York Times Best Seller List! If it hasn't then you people are missing out. This is a great, clear, and descriptive novella that continues to evolve and take things to new levels other books can only dream of reaching.

Have you read Bad Apple? What did you think? Or are you a fan of Wren Michaels? Let me know what you think of her other works! I want to hear what you have to say <3 Until Next Time ;*

Rating: *****

Link to purchase Bad Apple: Amazon Bad Apple