Saturday, July 25, 2015

Authors Are Only Out For Blood!?

Hey ya'll,
So as I examine this "publishing" or "writing" industry that we are in I notice that their are a lot of people who make self-help books for authors though they have not been successful with their own novels.

I feel like people who state they know what's best for an author as far as sales go should be willing to make their sales an example within their self-help book. Now it doesn't have to show all that person may have made, but it should show some statistics to prove that their methods are authentic and not something they thought up just because they know there's a chance they can sucker someone out of money.

Now something brought up in a discussion I partook in with a few other authors is that "everyone has to learn through experience and trial and error."

Which I totally agree with! However, due to some authors wanting more information on how to best promote, market, or publish their books it could lead them to purchase a self-help or a how-to novel just to learn what the publishing "secret" is. When the there isn't any "secret" at all.

There are so many factors that play into whether you're a successful or accomplished author and not a single self-help book that I have seen has stressed that.

So lets take a look back at the title of this blog posting I have done. Are there really people out their who trick people out of their money? The answer is yes. It happens all the time, but in the publishing world it's hard to claim some book as being fraudulent especially when the methods may have been self discovered.

I just want to let you know that I am not saying all self-help books are bad. There may be some genuine guides that seek to help individuals on their publishing journey and I encourage you to proceed with caution as you implement their techniques.

However, something that I live by is that if you know your author then you know your reading. You tell me what you think that I mean. With that being said I am offering consultations to aid those in need. Contact me and together we can discuss a plan to help you move forward in the right direction.

I have a dedicated team that I work with toward a single goal which is to successfully promote and figure out a plan for individuals or writing groups in need. For more information please use the contact form located to the right or email:

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Have you read a self-help book? Did it help you? Tell me! I want to hear your thoughts on the matter <3
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