Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Review #12: Gold Apple School by Veronica Piras

Hey ya'll,
So I had the opportunity to read the wonderful novel, Gold Apple School by French Author Veronica Piras and it was such an entertaining read!

Book Progression
Piras takes me on an adventure by fantastically applying first- person to her novel so I can experience the growth of the main character Giada as she adjusts to life at a prestigious cooking school known as the Gold Apple School. Along with her friend Krista, they both have a run in with breaking the rules, expanding their expertise, and finding love in some very handsome teachers.

The character that has abolutely overtaken my heart would have to be Martin. I loved how flirtatious and mysterious he was throughout the story! Every time he made an appearance it made me crave for him more and more. I particularly enjoyed the vulnerable moment he had with Giada while leaving Victoria Park.
My favorite line of this novel would be: "The grave is the temple of time."

I felt that was very wonderfully, poetically put!
What I genuinely loved about this story is just how realistic this novel is. I enjoyed seeing problems incorporated throughout the storyline that actual teenagers and young adults like myself have to deal with today. This has been the ultimate coming-of-age novel and I am sure that this will grace the New York Times Best Seller List someday.
Honestly, unlike other novels I have read I felt satisfied by this ending. I enjoyed feeling completely fulfilled. Piras has created a brilliant novel that I believe everyone should experience.
Also, I was rooting for Martin to keep Giada's heart, but in the end I felt like Dorian was the perfect guy to end this novel on a higher note.
Have you read this novel? Tell me, what did you think? I loved it! Do you agree or disagree?
 I want to hear your thoughts!
Until Next Time! ;)
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