Sunday, August 2, 2015

Book Review #9: Where the Tomorrows Go by Manoj S. Abraham

Hey ya'll, 
So I had the amazing opportunity of reviewing the children's book, Where the Tomorrows Go by Manoj S. Abraham.

What I loved about this particular children's literature is the emotional story-line that was developing throughout the book. I felt Abraham really did a great job in providing a book that focuses on how children grieve and how parents can help to assuage those feelings so that the child is able to move on with life 
without facing heavy depression.

Another awesome touch had to be the illustrations by Liz Urso! I completely fell in love with how well she captured Abraham's vision throughout the book of Bella and her dog Go Go which really highlighted the emotional aspect of the plot.

In my opinion even though I am a girl I still would have liked the main character to be a boy. Also, there was a momentary break that stopped the flow of the reading for me, but it quickly picked up from their which is what I enjoyed about this story.

Overall, parents I believe this is a must read for your child before they head back to school!
This book is great in the sense that it shows us that even though someone is gone there are many ways for us to keep honoring their memories which is what I loved about this story so much.

My younger brother (who is 6 years old) & I give this book.....

Rating: ****

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