Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Circles Are a Terrible Idea?!

Hey ya'll,
I am so sorry for not posting lately, but school, life, and an event I'm doing next week has kept me away. However, I am back with new blog posts that are sure to be beneficial for authors and aspiring writers.

So as I continue my writing journey something I noticed is that authors partake in book circles. And for those of you that are unfamiliar with book circles here is a brief description of what they are:

Book Circles

-A process in which authors agree mutually to review another authors book in exchange that they read their book. Whether it is free or not is to be determined by the authors participating in the book swap.

I personally, do not believe that book circles are effective and profit building at all. I feel that in order to build a profit you must gain money that out weighs what you are spending. If another author decides to be in a book circle with you and you are both buying each others book, but the other authors book costs way more than yours then it causes you to lose out on money instead of gaining it.

Also, I feel that book circles can be deceiving to readers. When I see a review for something I'm interested in buying I like the fact that individuals bought a book because they are genuinely interested in it and not because they may feel pressured to write a good review for the sake of "helping" another author out.

I know that some may say that book circles increase reviews and therefore increases the awareness of their books, but does it really? Is the cost of having to buy someone else's novel worth it to get someone to buy yours even if your book may cost way less?

All in all I just believe that book circles are a bad idea. And I would say that this is a juvenile mistake that happens only with new emerging authors, but I'm finding that book circles are being used by those who have been publishing for years.

If the author you are doing your book exchange with has sold close to a million copies of their book and is doing you a favor by reading your novel and reviewing it then it is beneficial. However, if the person who is engaging in this book circle with you barely has any activity on social media and is unsuccessful with selling their own novel then how can they help "sell" your book to others.

It is the year 2016 and I believe that it is time that authors put stipulations on book circles to give themselves and those they are networking with a better advantage when reviewing one another's book.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Go ahead and sound off in the comments! Tell me how you feel.

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