Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Book Covers That Made Me Fall In Love Pt. 2

Hey ya'll,
So I have been reading some hot novels lately and the covers have been so awe-inspiring that I have to show them to you! These cover artists deserve a pat on the back for their unique creations of covers for books. Check it out :)

#5. Wolves Among Men By Penelope A. Sweet 

This cover is so awesome!
I like how this cover has a man's face next to a wolf's face as if they're one and the same.
Also, the mystifying moon only adds to my growing anticipation to see what this novel is about.
The cover artist for this novel did a great job!

#4.  Dom Wars By Lucian Bane

I personally hate seeing people on covers because I find it creepy. However, this cover is so sexy and deep that my hatred has turned to enjoyment.
 I love how his muscles are present and his head is down as if he has given up.
The whole essence of this cover is overall compelling!

#3. Shatter Me By Alex Grayson

I always love a cover that makes me question what the story can possibly be about. 
This cover makes me wonder is this girl sad, scared, or is she running away from something she doesn't want to face?
The element of fear and illumination of something ominous occurring sends shivers up my spine which is why I love this cover. 
This cover can bring a variety of emotions to different readers gaining attention from all directions.

#2. Watch Me Burn By Sharon Bayliss

First off this cover is so captivating! I love the dramatic edge the fire brings to not only the butterfly, but to the title as well. This cover almost looks real. It is as if this fire is never-ending—which is reminiscent of this amazing series. The cover artist did an awesome job!

#1. Forever Since An Apple By Ken Welsch

When I found out that Welsch did his own cover I was blown away because most of the best covers come from cover artists. I believe that because Welsch created his own cover it completely matched up with the overall aspect of his novel creating so much symbolism throughout his story.
 I love this cover because it is simply beautiful!

Have you read any of these novels? Do you agree or disagree with what I had to say? Or is there another book that should have made this list that I may have missed? Tell me! I want to hear what you have to say :)
Until Next Time ;)

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