Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eye Candy puts everyone to shame?

Hey ya'll,
So I covered a story about MTV's new scripted series Eye Candy which follows the life of a young woman named Lindy Sampson as she tries to find out the identity of her stalker and the location of her missing sister all while working as a consultant with the New York Cyber Crimes Unit.

After faithfully watching all six episodes of Eye Candy I can most definitely say it does not disappoint! Last weeks episode was filled with mayhem as (Spoiler) a hacker sent a computer virus to attack machines that were hooked up to patients who desperately needed them to live. And to make matters much worse Lindy was pushed even further into the rabbit hole by her mysterious and maniacal stalker when he made his presence known in her life by aiding Lindy in fighting her unexpected rival in tracking down the point from which the computer virus came.

Lindy Sampson (Victoria Justice) is continually proving herself to be one of the best heroines of the century giving Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) a run for their money.

Justice and the cast of Eye Candy make their show so likable due to how much we all can relate to the characters and plots. There are no super powers, there are no magical beings, and there aren't any special artifacts. This show is purely self-knowledge and self-capability which is what it all comes down to for us human beings.

In my opinion, MTV has truly picked a great show to develop this season and I felt this show came out in good timing. I do hope that they continue this show and if they do you know where to find the reviews at first ;)

Comment below if you watch Eye Candy! Which episode shocked you the most? Do you have a favorite character already? Or are you just not feeling it? Let me know why :) Until Next Time ;*