Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sorry :(

Hey ya'll,
I know that I haven't been on here lately, but I have been at work on a lot of different projects that I will share with you all soon. Also, I am planning on stretching my reach through other media sites to give you all other ways to be informed of all things KMJ. In addition, my first young adult novel, Laws of Passion will be coming out February of next year. It's a really great book if you're into mystery, hope, and action as well. There are so many directions my book will take you and it contains a little something for everybody. Laws of Passion is based on a new supernatural creature that I have created in a world that is similar to ours.

As time goes on I will give out excerpts of the book to let you all get a feel of what it's about. Who knows? You may even have a favorite character in mind with just the quotes and lines I'll be putting up for display. If you check out my Facebook page (Link is to your left) you can see that I put up a quote from a main character by the name of James Peretti.

Laws of Passion is a great novel and an easy read. Though it is a young adult book it is meant for everyone to read and enjoy so do not let that discourage you from checking it out because it will most definitely leave you wanting more.

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Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!!