Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Librarians- Show Review

Hey ya'll,
As promised I told you that I would give an unbiased review of the show The Librarian. May I say it was all I thought it'd be and more! Noah Wyle has not only brought the Librarian out as a tv series, but the plot was unique to the movies and still kept knowledge about the Librarian we learned from the previous films.

In the first episode, (Spoiler) the crown of King Arthur is the latest mission for Flynn Carsen who is joined by a few new friends. Christian Kane surprised me even more when he made his appearance. His character was very charming.

However,  though I enjoyed watching this show others may be let down since this show is more about finding special artifacts and not just normal books. Despite that, families will enjoy this show because of how adventurous and mysterious it is. And if you're a whovian then this show will fill in for those winter days without the Doctor.

Check this show out because it is burning up with each episode:

Comment below and tell me what you thought about the show? While I continue to watch!