Monday, December 8, 2014

Read the book or see the movie?

Hey ya'll,
one topic that seems to come up a lot among Movie Buffs and Bookworms is whether or not you should read the book or watch the movie first. Bookworms say the book contains more detail and stays true to the characters personality while they believe movie makers make up stuff as they go along.

Book Readers  VS  Movie Buffs

However, Movie Buffs believe the film to be an even better interpretation of the novel because of how visually brilliant a movie can bring the main characters to life and showcase the amazing plot line of the author. In addition, they also find Bookworms to be uptight and that they disrespectfully undermine the artistry of the filming world.

To calm the feud I will admit that....both sides are right. Bookworms do overreact and Movie Makers do tend to veer off from the true nature of the books. I just don't understand why the authors sell their movie rights to people who don't understand their vision, but anyways books do tell more than the movie does.

Do you know why?
Because the book allows you to read the characters thoughts as where the movie shows you the emotions and it's up to you to understand the inner thoughts on your own. So it's perfectly understandable to see the controversy between the two worlds. It's like taking a country song and calling it pop #TaylorSwift. You're just not supposed to.

I want to hear your thoughts on this seemingly pressing issue? Are you a Movie Buff or a Bookworm? I like to think of myself as both. Tell me what book have you read that you enjoyed as a film and to Movie Buffs vice versa? Just comment below and look out for new additions to my multiple media pages! Until next time!