Monday, December 15, 2014


So their is a show out called #TheLibrarians!!! This is something I must see  #IwatchedTheMovies #HopeItsStillGood

The movie was so incredible! I loved the plot and characters. I enjoyed how the main character named Flynn Carsen (Played by Noah Wyle) was so enthusiastic and corny even. He reminded me of the Doctor from Doctor Who just a little bit. The movie especially this one which is the first one was amazing because of all the action involved and how well the directors/writers brought a rather dull and overused story line and turned it into something better and more worthwhile.

This is the television series theatrical poster of which I look forward to watching and letting you guy's know what I think about it! I have college finals this week, but trust me that I will make some time to watch the show and give you my accurate and unbiased opinion of it. I cannot wait! :)