Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rant 1: Why you should be an avid reader?

Hey ya'll,
I know there are some people out their who choose not to read books because they find reading boring. And it got me to thinking, what makes an activity boring to me? As a result I found something is only boring to me if I can't find anything I like in what I am doing that would motivate me to continue the activity. And I wondered if those types of people who dislike reading felt the same way.

Could they be bored by a book due to it not being the right book? I believe that's an issue with many people and that's what draws them away from reading. I feel that if schools emphasized the different genres out there instead of categorizing books as fiction and nonfiction at a young age then we would have more readers.

There are many genres like mysteries, fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, satire, self-help, horror, and even fantasy among many others. I find it hard to believe with all these wonderful genres that have thousands upon thousands of books listed under it's category that some people can't find a great or decent book to read.

I know some people just be confident that they just aren't readers, but I challenge those who are to try and read at least 10 books this new year and lets see if their really is no "book" for you.

Who knows? Maybe you'll be surprised and find something you like that will ignite your reading spark.

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