Monday, January 12, 2015

E-books are not as authentic as printed books?

Hey ya'll,
So something that has been bothering me over these last 5 years is seeing the increase of technology use to read a book. Nowadays their are many famous websites that allow apps on your phone, tablets, and kindles so you can read books on the go where ever you may be in the world. Though the idea of this is neat, it still makes me question whether this new format for books is a direction we want to head in for future generations.

I feel like E-books are a great concept, but there is still this part of me that loves having my favorite authors book in my hand. Also, what makes me love it even more is the fact that having this hard-copy of their book allows me to have an opportunity to get my book signed by them as well. My favorite part of receiving a book is seeing those straight edges of perfection and getting the chance to run my fingers across the fresh pages. However, if I had purchased their book as an E-book I wouldn't be able to do that.

I like to think of myself like a library. Everyone has it in e-book, but the original book that I can touch is much greater than a digitized copy.

E-books are great for authors because they can reach a wider audience with their books and can increase their royalties received up to 20 percent. However, I feel like authors may deprive admirers who enjoy their books due to the fact that they may not have a technology based device that would allow them to read it. Also, libraries that do not have the latest technology will be at a disadvantage as well due to new authors who may be brilliant that decide to publish their books electronically instead of in print.

Though print may seem old fashion, it's not! Having a book in your hands is way more sweeter than having some electronic copy that could cease to exist if something occurs to the system you are reading it on.

Print has been around for centuries and has continued to capture the hearts of billions of readers. As they say 'don't fix it if it ain't broke' and I feel this is a statement we need to grasp as we further push our younger generations into a more technological world.

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