Monday, January 12, 2015

Taking the high road!

Hey ya'll,
I knew that when I started following my dreams that there were going to be people out there who just want to see me defeated. I knew that there was going to be somebody who could possibly be so angered at me that they would try to tear me down, but as you can see I am still standing.

My advice for you all no matter what profession or dream you aspire to go for just know that if a hater talks it is just an opinion. You don't have to listen to it! Though it may hurt just know that you got it and nobody can take you down.

I have been over many hurdles and I know that they are only going to get worst before they become smaller and that's okay with me because I know who I am. I know who my God has created me to be.

So as I stated in my FB post:
 I just want to let you guys know that though there are a million voices it seems that are out there trying to bring you down just keep a smile on your face and your head held high because no one should be able to influence you with just an opinion #TrueWords #AuthorKMJ