Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rant 2: Why you should read indie books!

Hey ya'll,
so as we know if you publish traditionally their are lots of rules and guidelines that come with being an author. However, if you self-publish you get to choose the direction your books go, but it also means more responsibility. In my opinion, I feel that people who are readers should read indie books more than traditionally published books due to indie books not being manufactured by some corporate suits to fit their desires and wants. With that being said, I feel that if you submit your book traditionally, they accept it, and then ask you to do all these crazy revisions then they should have written their own book.

My advice to writers who do publish traditionally is that you should make sure the integrity of your work is intact and should not be undermined due to the perspective of those who accepted your book. As you can tell I'm one of those take me as I am type of people. Not some 'take me and make me what you want me to be' NO!

If you want my book and my name under your publishing house then you and I need to develop a line of respect and ground rules for a successful partnership.

Now don't get me wrong. There are some pretty amazing publishing houses and I commend them on their excellent work and efficiency when working with the authors on their books. However, I have seen many traditional publishing houses that steal your work, charge you money to create books, and even have lawsuits that they put off because of how much money they get through tricking other aspiring authors. I will not disclose the names of these publishers. However, this is still why I believe indie is better.

So many fantastically written novels get overlooked on a daily basis by big publishing heads that manufactured a book or scrapped together a book with another book just because they could. With indie books you see the who the author truly is because their work is original and has not been tampered with. Also, so far all the books I have chosen to review are mostly indie and as the year goes on I hope you see my viewpoint a lot clearer as I continue my blog.

Comment below if you have something you'd like to say! Do you disagree with what I have to say? Let me know, I love hearing the opinions of others #NoShade :) Until next time ;)