Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Authors vs Illustrators! Who calls the shots?

Hey ya'll,
So I get a lot of people asking me questions about who controls the dynamics of a book before and after the publishing process. Most authors believe that if they wrote the story then the book is theirs. However, most illustrators believe that if they drew the pictures it's their creation. So let's just sum this all up so we can put these nerves (legalities) to rest.

If you are a writer who is in need of drawings to fit your book and you ask someone to create the images without giving input on those images being created then you are stating without saying a word that you are sharing ownership.

Now what I mean about not giving input on images is that if the illustrator gives a character certain features you didn't say do and you use that character's image in your book then you are sharing ownership. However, if you say for example I want my character to be a girl with blonde hair, a pointy nose, braces, and freckled skin then you are claiming the character as your own because you provided the details and all the illustrator did was contribute their mad drawing skills to your wonderful story.

My #TrueWords for the author is make sure you have your input in everything. Do not take suggestions on a character because then if you use those suggestions you set yourself up for a law suit later on if your book becomes very popular and the illustrator strongly believes they own a piece of your work.

As for the illustrators if you created these great characters and you have a story to go with it, but you're not the best writer then I suggest you hire someone who is a writer. However, if you do hire a writer just as I stated for the authors above make sure that you give your input on how you want it to go and do not take any suggestions other than word choice, but nothing that could be character defining for it could lead to claims over who truly owns the book.

I personally believe that if you are pursuing to be published make sure the people you are involved with know their roles. Also, know that it never hurts to get your stuff copyrighted. It will save a lot of time and legal bills if you run into trouble with someone you hired for your book publishing who believes that they are the owner of your work.

#TrueWords of the day: Stay smart! Stay sharp! And know who you're working with :)

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Comment below if you have any questions! Have you had a legal issue where someone took credit for your work? Tell me your story using the contact form below or leave it in the comment section. Have you had trouble working with an illustrator/writer for your book or in general? Let me know I want to hear what you have to say :) Until next time <3 :*