Sunday, January 25, 2015

Authors are cheating themselves!?

Hey ya'll,
So you may or may not know this, but on Facebook and Twitter there are people who will allow you to buy your "fans" for money. And to my dismay there are many authors out there who actually use their services and assume that because of how popular they are online it means an increase in sells. Well, you're wrong!

People don't get your book fully on the basis that you are popular. They mostly buy your book based on the recommendation of a friend. And if you buy all your twitter followers just to add to your page people will not be spreading the news about your book around.

The only promise made by those scam artists is more twitter followers. Not more reviews. Not more shares for your page content, but just a new fan who doesn't show you any support.

In my opinion, these people are not worth having on your page unless they are benefiting you and since you are the only one giving up money I guess they're the ones benefiting.

This is why I am glad Twitter is doing something about this. At least they are suspending these fraudulent accounts so that they can't continue to charge unknowing individuals for something that is free. However, I can't say the same for Facebook. They actually encourage you to buy people and to spread your page around.

Though I love Facebook as a social networking site I hate that they advertise you to death with things you don't need and make you want them.

My advice for all you authors and bloggers out there is do not buy your fans or followers because these people will get caught and social media sites are cracking down on all of this. In addition, I'd hate for your account to get suspended after you've worked so hard to establish yourself.

BE ORGANIC ABOUT IT! If you don't have fans let that motivate you to work harder to push your career forward. That's what I've been doing :)

Comment below if you have any questions! Did you buy your followers? Let me know how it's worked out for you. Are you considering buying your followers? Let me know why you're leaning towards this decision. Or if you just want to share your views please feel free to comment <3 Until next time ;*