Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's okay to disrespect selfpublishers?

Hey ya'll,
So as I have revealed to you all in an earlier post I am currently in the midst of publishing my first young adult novel, Laws of Passion which will debut by March. Also, I have a bunch of really cool projects that I am looking forward to sharing with you all as well. However, despite me publishing my books its funny to see how unaccepted people like me are in the writing community. I ran across the National Book Awards Foundation and saw that they had this really great competition for writers. I really wanted to be apart of the process and submit my book, but they have a rule against indie authors submitting their books. I feel that is crazy. So are you saying that books from indie authors are not as good as a customized book from corporate suits?

In my opinion, I feel that indie authors are just as good if not better than traditional authors because again indie authors can write about whatever they choose and have that "freewill" when writing their books. If anything I believe indie authors should be allowed to be apart of it because it would bring out phenomenal books that would otherwise get overlooked. 
     Almost all the books I have read until the age of 17 have been traditional books that almost every body on the planet knows about, but now as I am reading indie books I find they are a lot more creative with their plots and characters. 

My thing is that all writers in general have a deep passion for writing and want to show people this intricate story-line that they have created and for someone to be denied the right to be apart of the "National" Book Awards Foundation is crazy to me. What makes traditional writers different from indie writers if both sides only want to create wonderful books?

I feel that maybe it's time we have an indie book awards show. That would be something I would love to be apart of because everything in the writing industry is just aimed towards lifting up bigger publishing houses. I believe it is time indie authors get the recognition they deserve.

Don't get me wrong I do feel that some traditionally published books are really amazing, but I don't understand how an indie author can boast about a traditionally published book yet they wont boast about the book of another indie author when a traditionally published author could possibly care less if an indie author succeeds or not.

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