Thursday, March 19, 2015

Senserial Publishing!?

Hey ya'll,
So there is this hot new interactive publishing company called Senserial! I believe that Senserial is really amazing because it allows readers to immerse themselves into a book by providing music and episodes that follow the theme and story line of the e-books that are available on their site. Every week readers can expect the arrival of a new episode that goes along with the e-book that they are currently reading.

What makes Senserial unique is that there are no other publishing companies like them. They seek fun entertainment from all areas to provide great content for their readers.

In addition, Senserial Publishing is offering a special Early Access bonus, where individuals can claim six free episodes once the website is launched on April 2nd of this year.

Also, as a way of reaching out to writers, composers, and graphic artists they have created this magnificent platform called Sennection that will allow individuals to collaborate on their own multimedia e-books together.

Senserial is young, fresh, and future-forward! This company is the next generation of what reading is going to be like. There is absolutely no other company like this.

Comment below if you have any questions! Are you going to give Senserial a try? Tell me how it goes when you do :) Is there another publishing company you feel I should take a look at? Which one? 
Until Next Time! :*

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