Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hey ya'll,
So I have been waiting a while to post this review up for the movie Insurgent which is the sequel to the movie Divergent which has the same name as its book series written by Veronica Roth. Literally from start to finish I was captivated by the Insurgent film, but the person who really made my eyes stay glued to the movie screen was Tris Prior (Played by Shailene Woodley).

I was fascinated by how mature and direct this "new" Tris had appeared to be. She was confident, fearful, and witty all at the same time. There was no dull moment in this film.

What I enjoyed even more was how dynamic and snarky Kate Winslet was in portraying the character Jeanine Mathews. Winslet aggravated me by how blind and treacherous her character was throughout the entire film, but I liked it. There seemed to be no end to her evil ways and it made me even more on edge about what was to come at the end of the movie.

I'm not one to point out scene stealers, but if I had to pick out one for Insurgent it would have to be Mekhi Phifer in his role as Max. There was this really epic scene ( at-least what I thought was epic) where Max and his seemingly good "friend" Eric Colter (Played by Jai Courtney) get into this major argument where Max is finally able to let his voice be heard.

However, don't let that fool you! Though Max may seem to have a heart his loyalty will always be with Jeanine Mathews at the end of the day.

Summit Entertainment in my opinion has assembled a great cast mixed with new and old faces. I appreciate seeing so much diversity in this film. There really is something for everybody in this movie whether you want drama, a love-story, action and adventure. You get all that and more because of how well executed this film was.

Veronica Roth's vision had came to life in the first installment, but because of the second installment of the Divergent Series we all are finally seeing this movie in color.

Check it out in theaters now!!! You won't be disappointed :)
Did you already see it? Then tell me what were your favorite moments from the film. Did you hate it? Why? I want to know your thoughts! Until Next Time! :*