Saturday, March 14, 2015

Indie Authors Are Clueless?

Hey ya'll,
So as I continue to examine the writing industry I notice that there are three types of authors. You have author number one who barely talks about their book and wonders why people act shock when he/she says that they have published a literary work.
And then there's author number two who goes the extra extra mile. Sometimes what they do is too much. I admit it's nice to be proud of your work, but over flashing your product makes you seem annoying and can cause people to be disgusted by it.
In addition, we have author number three who is a balance of the both.....sort of. They will flash their product for two days straight and then stop commenting on social media as if they slipped into a temporary coma only to resume posting ads about their books a week later.

So as a person on the outside looking in I am going to give these authors a word of advice to aid in their marketing:

Author #1: I understand that you may feel like no one is going to support you or that you are afraid of criticism, but just know that every entrepreneur has to roll the dice in order to be considered as being apart of the game. Who knows? You may have a ton of people willing to support you, but because you won't let them read your work it will hinder your growth as a successful author and improved writer. Sometimes we need the bad reviews to get the good reviews. Allowing others in may be the best for you emotionally because a few words of encouragement coming from the ones you love can turn things around entirely for you causing a break through.


You may not be proud of your work, but in order for your work to be seen as the magnificent story that it is you have to see the beauty in it first. It's like being single and finally getting a boyfriend. Before you know it every guy is looking at you that wasn't looking at you before. You have to believe in yourself! If you don't then you'll be unfortunately stuck. So hang in there and smile with your head up :)

Author #2: Can I just say that I am so proud of you for loving your work and having your best foot forward! I know that you love your work and it is all that you want to talk about, but sometimes like the rules of make-up, less is more. And what I mean is that you may be totally confident in your work and love it, but the constant ads can bug others and lead to people blocking your posts. So instead learn to post about it in moderation. However, if you do want to post endlessly then make sure you post about the different dynamics of your book. Examples: Sales, giveaways, and promotional items that emphasize the theme of your book.

Author 3: You are the go-getting author that everyone loves to miss unfortunately. You spam until you can't spam anymore and then you stop only to return with an even greater vengeance. My advice to you is to figure out a time span that you can post appropriately and effectively. Your work is brilliant and let people see that by your graceful and concise posts. Each post grab the attention of every one by figuring out tasteful ways to showcase your book. We want to support you, but you need to understand that we will if we want to. So keep posting in a timely manner, but make it worth both of our time ;)

Comment below if you have any questions? Tell me! Which author are you? Do you agree with what I have to say or did I miss a few things? Let me know in the comment section below :) Until Next Time :*

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