Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Book Review #7: Seraphina: The Awakening By Sheena Hutchinson

Hey ya'll,
So I had the opportunity to read the amazing YA novel Seraphina: The Awakening by Sheena Hutchinson and I was not disappointed!

First off this book was breathtakingly explosive! I loved every part of this book. The characters, the drama, and the daring situations all made this book such an incredible read.

My favorite character of all time has to be Seraphina! I love how gutsy and fierce she is. I felt like Hutchinson really took a lot of time in developing the perfect round character because of who Seraphina was and how she carried herself throughout the story. 

Hutchinson definitely made me feel apart of the story by how well she wrote this novel in first person. Seeing things from Seraphina's perspective made me enjoy the action and male-leads a lot more.

The mysterious and charming Nate. The forthcoming and lovely Jack. These two boys made the hotness in this story rise to an entirely different level.

The surprises are never-ending and the plot is unpredictable! Hutchinson has made this generation proud by giving us more than Vampires and Werewolves to obsess over. This is truly an amazing novel!

Have you read this novel? Tell me, what did you think about it? Let's "obsess" over it together. If not, have you read other novels by Sheena Hutchinson? Which story? Until Next Time ;*

Rating: *****

Link to purchase: Seraphina: The Awakening

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