Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bloggers that Lie like Authors?!

Hey ya'll,
So like most of you I have my favorite blogs that I love to read daily! However, now as I take a look at the blogs that I am reading and blogs that were recommendations from friends I realize that some bloggers are not as they seem.

There is one blog that I like to read which does book reviews, but I don't get how a blogger can read the back of a book or a few chapters of a book and declare it to be amazing or terrible.

Books are more than their words.

When I read and review a book that is sent to me or one that I have purchased I look at everything that makes this book a book. I look at the cover, the size, the words, the characters, and so much more! I feel like book bloggers and/or media bloggers cheat the public when they give false reviews for something that isn't as good as it appears.

In addition, I do believe that their is more to a book/media blog than doing review posts and leaving. A blog that is built on one style of posting is one I find surely to fail due to it not diversifying its content.

With that being said I think we should all really just take a good look at what we're reading. Did the reviewer just rate the book and leave? Was the reviewer paid to read the book? Or was the blogger only given a brief part of a book to review? Consider these questions when you come across "book" bloggers.

Is there anything you'd like to say? Tell me! I want to hear your thoughts on this. Or do you know a couple of blogs that do some of the things I stated above? I'm all ears. Until Next Time ;*