Sunday, June 21, 2015

Book turned Movie Craze!

Hey ya'll,
So I am starting to notice a major trend with Hollywood and the publishing world. I don't know if you have noticed this, but it seems like every season we are finding that more books whether their indie or not are being turned into movies or television shows. 

Now I do love the fact that I can actually see my favorite book grace the big screen. However, it is also a negative thing because sometimes the book that I am reading conflicts with how they portray it on screen.
So my question is why do movie makers buy the movie rights to a book and decide not to follow it wholeheartedly. I feel they do this because they know that a book already has many faithful fans that will generate enough profit for the film whether it is a success or not.

Let us examine the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. It was an amazing book and it was a fantastic movie. However, in Hollywood perspective the film did not gross as nearly as much as it should have. In addition, their were mistakes made in the movie that were clearly different from the way the author had written certain scenes to be. Hopefully as it continues as a TV series we will get a chance to see it in greater detail.

So we're all familiar with the novel Delirium by Lauren Oliver, right? Well, for those of you who may not know this Oliver's novel actually got turned into a TV series. However, the only episode ever created for it was the pilot episode which starred Emma Roberts as the lead character Lena Haloway who lives in a more futuristic society that views love as a disease. The pilot is available on Hulu to be viewed. However, since Fox decided not to pick up this book as a television series it will not be shown to fans. I feel they made a very hasty decision due to the fact that Delirium was written brilliantly and had such a wonderful pilot episode that it would have been hard for this show to fail.

However, one book I am so happy that Fox did pick up as a television series is Wayward Pines by Blake Crouch. It is so amazing and I think that we can credit the success of this show not only to the fans, but also to the producers & writers of the script who kept to the book which I appreciated very much.

So do you know about another book turned movie that I didn't catch or you thought I should have mentioned then tell me! I want to hear what you have to say :) Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Let me know! Until Next Time ;*

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