Sunday, November 30, 2014

Small Business Sunday!!!!!

Hey ya'll,
today is Small Business Sunday where individuals like you and I can go out shopping at our local stores to show our support for our community businesses. I am so grateful that they have days like this because it allows for smaller businesses which tend to get overshadowed by larger businesses to receive the attention and recognition they deserve. 

So if you happen to be a book lover and are planning on going to a locally owned book store remember to check out some indie books first. Indie books are typically self published books. Also, if you're looking for a great gift for your child or a loved one that is between the ages 2-8 years then you can follow this link to purchase my children's book, Duck's First Day of School:

What big purchases did you make from a small business in your area? Do you even care about Small Business Sunday? Why? What is your favorite books to read? Comment below and let me know what you think! Talk to you later :) Description of my children's book will follow below:

     Duck's First Day of School is a picture book that discusses the trials, tribulations, and fears that come along with attending your first day of school.
     Now that Duck is on his own for the morning will he be able to get through the day without his parents by his side? Will he make friends? Or will he make enemies?
 To find out how Duck's day went just click on the link to purchase.