Sunday, November 30, 2014

Freado to Read?.....

The word Freado sounds strange I know, but behind that name is a wonderful website just for publishers, authors, and book lovers. On this site authors post up their books for auction and readers play games to win points used to bid for the vast collection of books up for grabs.

Everything on this site is free. All you do is create an account which can be set up in seconds if you are connecting through Facebook and from there you just play games and get enough points to out bid those who may be going after the same book as you. However, be sure to be a smart bidder because you'd hate to bid away all your points on a book that only needs so much of them.

The best part about the games are that they're really simple and you can easily get points within an hour of playing them. The games on Freado include hangman, matching, and trivia which all have a theme to it in regards to the latest books, movies, and television shows out.

Freado is ahead of its time in regards to how interactive it truly is. It provides incentive for readers to continue reading books as well as help up and coming authors establish a unique following in addition to the honest reviews that come along with "giving" away their books.

So far I am bidding on the book, The Haunting of Wolfe Haven by Debbie A. Heaton. With any luck not only will I win, but her book will be the first review I give out of many reviews to come.

What would draw you to read this book? Is the cover something to marvel over? 
Is their a balance in the way her book is being depicted? Comment below and let me know what you think :) Talk to you soon! Description of the book below:

Riley Russell is gorgeous, smart, and successful.  She also has a broken heart she's managed to keep secret from everyone--including herself.  Three years ago, she walked away from her marriage to entrepreneur Tristan Russell, believing there was no hope for the relationship.  But when he reenters her life unexpectantly, Riley must fight to remain independent and in control of the life she has built.

Tristan, as handsome and accomplished as ever, is planning to get remarried, but first he must divorce Riley.  To save her broken heart, Riley must confront her feelings for Tristan, his family, and his haunted ancestral house, Wolfe Haven.  Along the way, she must navigate a minefield of secrets and mysteries, including arson, betrayal, and murder.

As Riley and Tristan try to find love with each other a second time around, they come to grips with things that go bump in the night.  If Riley isn't careful, she may fall prey to enemies that are closer than she thinks.