Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hello, I am author KMJ!
Earlier this year I published my first children's book titled, Duck's First Day of School, which is available on Amazon. My story is about a young boy named Duck and his trials and tribulations that he faces while going to school for the first time. This story is very entertaining for the family to read and the perfect gift for the holiday season. To purchase just click on the link : Thank you in advance for your support and happy holidays :)

So this year has been so crazy in the sense that everyone seems to be buying more and more books. However, I wonder what has made these individuals crave books so much nowadays. Is it the schools promoting more reading? Are the parents pushing their children to read more? Or is there just more readers in the up and coming generations? Maybe it's all three or maybe it's the authors and publishers.

Just think about it. What is happening to books that are making them so appealing? Don't know? Well, I will tell you, it is the title and the book cover. Having the right name that sounds unique yet is short and mysterious at the same time invokes the readers to purchase their book. In addition, the cover of the book has to match up to such an awesome title the writer has created. If an author can make an equally great cover to match the book's name then they are sure to make an impact on readers who are most likely to advise others about their book.

In the hit cultural phenomenon Twilight by Stephenie Meyer you can see how she tried to appeal to her audience. Meyer created a mysterious, pure-like, and creepy looking cover that makes you go 'Why an apple?' For Christians they may think of the story about Adam and Eve like I did at first which invoked my curiosity in her book.

Here is a tip for people who want to become an author or dream of being an author or even authors who are struggling now. I want you to know that good authors write a story, great authors create a masterpiece in the package itself entirely. The cover tells a lot and the name tells more.

Check back every Sunday and Wednesday for my first book vlogs. I'm going to cover some new books as well as some classics. To find out which books I'm reading you only have to watch ;) See you soon!