Friday, January 8, 2016

The Librarians (TV Show) Review?! Season 2

Hey ya'll,
So how incredible was the season finale of #TheLibrarians!

It was so awesome seeing how many close calls they had, but if we know anything about the Librarians it is that they will always fight through whatever comes their way. This season most definitely amped up the action and twisted plots.

I am a long time fan of this series dating back to Flynn Carsen's (Noah Wyle's) solo days as the lone Librarian. However, these new additions to help cultivate this series even more have been fantastic in every way. And their huge battle against Prospero allowed me to see more of who the Librarians truly are individually.

The character that has by far grown the most this season is Ezekiel Jones (John Kim)! I enjoyed his character particularly this season because viewers get to see a softer and more compassionate side of him that combatted his bad boy lifestyle that had been displayed in the previous season.

All around #TheLibrarians I feel took things to another level as far as who the villains were. The imagery displayed this season is very consciously and well placed thanks to the amazing writers and producers behind this series.

My favorite episode of the entire series would have to be the current finale due to all the strategically placed plots that in the end came together in a very organized way that was easy enough for fans of the show like myself to follow. As always Noah Wyle, who is one of the producers of the show, never ceases to amaze me! In addition, my favorite episode by far this season would have to be episode "And the Point of Salvation."

If you are not hip to this show yet, then you need to watch it now!!! If you or someone you know has seen this show then write in and tell me your thoughts. I want to hear what you have to say!
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