Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sanford Bundle Review!

Hey ya'll,
So I received some awesome writing products from #Sanford carried by online retailer #Shoplet. As a writer I prefer to have mechanical pencils by my side over the average wooden pencils and when I received #Papermate mechanical pencils with college right around the corner it was as if my prayers were being answered. I don't know if most writers are like I am, but when I receive new writing utensils I have the urge to use them as soon as they are in my hand.

I have to say that I am in love with the new style of #Papermate mechanical pencils. I love the fact that these mechanical pencils are made out of 1.3 mm lead which is carried by most stores so that purchasers of this product can easily find refills if their pencil runs out. Also, because of this product having 1.3 mm lead there is a less chance of a breakage occurring which provides relief to those who are used to using pencils that either require to be sharpened a lot or don't have a thick enough lead that won't break as often. The #Papermate mechanical pencil is the perfect writing tool for any and every standardized test that students may need to take. In addition, it has this new style that mimics old-school pencils, but with better efficiency.

On top of receiving the #Papermate mechanical pencils I also received their pens as well. A few highlights to the #Papermate pens that I appreciated was the fact that they have red caps on each pen so that the pen itself doesn't run out so that each consumer gets a fresh product. And I loved how thick the ink is! When I was writing with this product everything showed up clearly and I did not have to scribble on the page to test the pen. And I have to also commend the fact that there were no ink smudges made on my fingers either. It was nice to go ink free for once.

The next products I received were the #Sharpie and the #Papermate correction tape. I feel that #Sharpies are nice to have because they allow students and writers to highlight important things. While the #Papermate correction tape allowed me the opportunity to correct mistakes. A lot of the time I find myself meaning to write one thing and instead I write down another thought that I didn't mean to. So the #Papermate correction tape has been very essential for me so that I don't have to start my writing all over or reprint something just so I an get rid of minor mistakes.

I implore everyone to get these products now from the #Sanford brand which can be found on the online e-tailer  #Shoplet website! With school around the corner and adults heading back to work after a much needed vacation this is the perfect writing tools to have by your side. And if you don't need writing utensils at the moment just know that #Shoplet also sales an assortment of Office, Cleaning, and Medical supplies along with Office furniture.

Rating: *****