Monday, May 2, 2016

Shoplet Product Review!!!

Hey ya'll,
I was given the amazing opportunity from Shoplet to review the #Energel liquid ink pen and the 0.7mm mechanical pencil by Pentel which has changed my life forever!!!!!

I am just like any other young adult out there. I go to college and before I know it final exams are right around the corner and that's when my life gets very crazy. And with all the tests that I have to take and all of the essays that I have to write the #Energel liquid ink pen and the 0.7 mm mechanical pencil by Pentel comes in handy.  First off, I used the #Energel liquid ink pen for five different essays I had to write. In addition, I had to rewrite three of those essays twice. I was very impressed by how the ink in the pen did not let up at all. I am a very heavy handed person and a lot of times I have found that the pen I'm writing with will stop working mid sentence and then I have missing letters everywhere. Also, I loved how the Pentel #Energel liquid ink pen isn't messy. Not once did I receive any ink residue on my hands even my paper did not smudge with ink! This pen is thick, but feels as light as a feather. It is cool and stylish which puts other pens to shame. This pen causes no headaches.

In addition, to the #Energel ink pen I also received the Pentel 0.7 mm mechanical pencil. I loved how unlike other new pencils the lead on this pencil didn't break. I was able to write for long periods of time without having to extend the lead as often because of how strong Pentel products are. And when taking my college final exam this pencil didn't leave nasty lead smudges and instead left my test clean with all the answers perfectly filled in. And there were no erase marks by the way.  Overall, I was very happy with both the #Energel liquid ink pen and the 0.7 mm mechanical pencil by Pentel.

Both of these products were given to me for free by Shoplet which is the #1 e-tailer of business and office supplies. Shoplet carries a variety of office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture and everything in between.
Shoplet is the perfect place to get what you need at an affordable price with great quality. Shoplet cares about its customers and values providing products that satisfy your needs.

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