Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Ultimate Nanowrimo Playlist!

Hey ya'll,
So I am aware that a ton of authors and aspiring writers are taking that big challenge of writing a novel in one month! And I have to say kudos to you if you are actually trying to attempt this daunting challenge. Now I don't know about you, but I like to write when I have my music turned up loud and the sun shining through my window. So I wondered what could I do to help authors keep good vibes while writing and I came up with this ultimate playlist to see you through! Let's take a look.

#1. Nick Jonas ft. Tinasche (Remix)- Jealous 

#2. Rita Ora- Poison

#3. Taylor Swift- Wildest Dreams

#4. Taylor Swift- Style

#5. Meek Mills ft. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown- All Eyes On You

#6. Ariana Grande- Focus

#7. Ariana Grande ft, The Weeknd- Love Me Harder

#8. The Weeknd - Earned It (Lyric Video)

#9. Adele- Hello

#10. Adele- Rolling In The Deep

#11.  Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj- Feeling Myself

#12.  Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga- Video Phone

#13. Lady Gaga- You and I

#14. Selena Gomez- Good For You

#15. Big Sean ft. Jhene Aiko- I know

My playlist won't work for everyone, but hopefully it will work out for the majority of you that visit my site! I hope that you have an amazing month of writing and I pray that you keep your head up as you embark on what others view as the impossible. My playlist for Nanowrimo starts out with a big tempo and gradually slows down before becoming hard hitting again. My idea was to give you a playlist that will push you through the first stages of planning and then will slow down as you get deeper into your writing while a surge will gradually come in to wake your mind up to keep writing. In addition, I chose mainly new songs that are current with radio today so that it's easier to vibe too.

Until Next Time ;*