Friday, October 2, 2015

Product Review #2: Natracure!!!!!

Hey ya'll,
So I was given Cold Therapy Socks from Natracure and they worked very well!

A lot of people don't know that when I was younger I had fractured my right foot in three places and every now then my foot still experiences pain. So this week when my foot began aching with pain I decided to use my Cold Therapy Socks from Natracure.

I used my Cold Therapy Socks for an entire week as needed. I alternated by freezing and heating the gel packs that are to be inserted within my Cold Therapy Socks and it worked very nicely!

I found that each method of freezing and heating the gel packs did something different for my feet. If I heated my gel packs I could feel the pain in my foot dying away. It was such a relief! And when I froze my gel packs the pain in my foot felt like it was being numbed away. Also, the socks themselves were amazingly comfortable and kept me from feeling too much of the gel packs. The socks were made out of material that was so soft that it felt like a marshmallow was attached to my foot. I loved it!

I believe this is a great product that everyone should have whether you are an athlete or a person who suffers from pain in general with their feet. The best part about using this product is that all I had to do was let the gels take care of the pain while I curled up to a good book. This is one product that genuinely works.
Thank you Natracure!

Overall Rating: ****