Friday, October 9, 2015

Book Review #17: Absolute Black by Lori J. Lawrence

Hey ya'll,
I was given the opportunity to read the novel, Absolute Black by Lori J. Lawrence and it wasn't what I expected it to be.

Book Progression

First off I felt like Lawrence was definitely on point when translating her imagination onto paper. However, I would have liked it if I could have connected more with her characters. To be honest it took a while for this book to get going. It wasn't until I reached page 70 out of 312 pages that I was finally able to see some action taking place.

The main character Erica was very dull to me. I was hoping that her feelings of another presence would jump start this novel, but it took way too long for me. All I felt was frustration that these characters weren't moving at a pace that you would normally find in a supernatural thriller.

I had such high hopes for this novel, but I was not able to really get into it. Hopefully, in time I will revisit this novel again and my opinion may be different, but as for now....

Rating: ***

PS. I enjoyed Arjuna a lot! He was the only character that really immersed me into what this novel is about. Sometimes I feel an author can be so aloof with their readers that the integrity of the novel suffers. Lawrence did a great job overall in creating this world of Treviso, but I would like her characters to be bolder and stronger so that I can see what makes them unique. 

Have you read this novel? Tell me, do you agree or disagree with what I have to say? 
I want to hear your thoughts! 
Until Next Time ;)