Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Inspired Prom Dress!

Hey ya'll,
So lately I have been busy with launching the release of my new young adult novel, Laws of Passion. Also, I have not only been prepping for senior year, but I just recently went to prom. And with the end of prom I still find myself wanting to live that moment over again just because of how amazing it was.

However, as I looked through countless photos to get the perfect dress I ran across one that was of a girl who made her own book inspired prom dress which really caught my attention.

As we all know Twilight is such a phenomenal book-turned-movie franchise that captured the hearts of many young adults all over the world and for one fan it was so awesome that it became their inspiration for a prom dress.

What I love so much about this dress is how original it is. A lot of people say that she should have worn something different and that she wasted her time making this dress. However, I on the other hand am proud of her for creating something that is one-of-a-kind. If someone made a dress out of my book I would be so honored and happy as an author to see such love for my work.

I really love how she put their faces on both sides of her dress. I thought that this was too cute!

Have you see other book inspired prom dresses? Send me a picture using the comment form! What do you think about her dress?